Dear Bollin Primary

Dear Bollin Primary

Last year was tough.

We were dragged through the mud by the press, the school was almost torn in two, tears, sadness and anger were the dominant narratives. We were abandoned by the people who were meant to protect us and the authorities weighed in to crush us when we were down, providing the barometer by which the school is now judged by the outside world.

All the while, our remarkable children ploughed on through.

And now, as school returns after hopefully a refreshing summer’s break, I think there’s plenty of reasons for you to be fiercely optimistic about the future.

Here’s just a few.

Amazing staff and skillful headteacher

I worked with you for five years and I know how committed and passionate you are. There is a tangible spirit amongst the teachers and teaching assistants and a desire to see the children prosper. There is so much talent in the ranks. I have been inspired and engaged by all of you while working alongside you and the children love being in your care.

Working with Mrs Spark for five months was excellent. She’s focussed, determined and friendly. I’m sure she has the school and the children’s best interests firmly at heart. With her at the helm, the school will move forward.

Wonderful children

There is so much diversity and enthusiasm amongst Bollin pupils. They are polite, engaged and active. In all my classes at the school, and I remember each one vividly, there’s not one child I didn’t like. Sure, there are some who are more challenging than others, but every single individual pupil is special and makes the school a great environment to be in. Many children left last year in the turmoil – that was such a shame – but the ones who remain are the future.

Active, supportive, dynamic parents

As staff, we are so grateful for the support of parents. To know that the parent community is backing us up is so important and the Bollin community rallies round to help and assist however they can. The PTA does a phenomenal amount of work behind the scenes to enhance the children’s education. Witness too the amazing school fairs, cake sales, Dads events, community engagement projects…the list goes on.

The best opportunities

What nonsense was written in that report. Bollin children are given incredible opportunities to thrive and make progress in all sorts of areas. It’s the best sports school in Trafford, arguably the whole Greater Manchester area, over the past few years. Musically, we had a three hour concert to showcase all the talent in school. Academically, our KS2 SATS results were excellent. Hardly the sign of a failing, inadequate school.

Unbreakable spirit

So much happened over the last twelve months that weaker schools would have capitulated. Not the Bollin. Thanks to all of the above, the school preserved itself, shook off the dust and carried on. There is nothing that can be thrown at the school, I believe, that will damage it now. It was pushed down to the bottom but now, like a phoenix can rise. People love the Bollin Primary when they come on tours because of its energy, its vibrancy, its ethos. Hopefully now, that can be tangible once again.

New start

Finally, when all is said and done, last year is over. It’s ancient history. Now, with eyes fixed firmly on the future, the school can move forward. United. Together. I hope that it will. I believe that it will.

I’m grateful for everything you gave me. Good luck to everyone involved with the school – to those on the ground and to those who have moved on. All the best and God bless…


  1. Thank you, you will be deeply missed as all the others who have left but have a fantastic time in your new career. Please do come back to visit us, we Will carry on and make all proud. My favourite hashtag #believe

  2. Thank you for being part of the Bollin and for contributing so positively to our children. Kouther loved being in your class but your influence has stretched beyond the children you taught. You will be missed!
    I believe in the Bollin and optimistic for the future. And I pray and believe you will be the best in your new job. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Good luck in your new career, exciting times! Joel really loved being in your class and you will be missed around school.

  4. Being positive will always be the right message

  5. Well said

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