DIY House Nightmares

To say it’s been busy at our house since we moved in back in March is a bit of an understatement.

Aware of the looming deadline of baby’s arrival (seven weeks to go!) and the careful advice from our ultra-thorough surveyor Mr Jon B, it has been important for us to get as many jobs done and out of the way as soon as possible.

Easier said than done when things keep going wrong!

However, as I peel myself out of a searingly hot nursery bedroom, now with wallpaper stripped and ready for our final workman to come in and re-skim for us, it’s good to reflect on a job reasonably well done!

We initially got lots done as detailed in this post back in May, but this was left on a bit of a cliffhanger with our electrician whispering dangerously about the need for rewires and deep-seated electrical problems.

Things have certainly progressed.

He came in with his apprentice at the start of June to work on the rewire and, swiftly, turned our house upside down. He was tidy, efficient and careful; however, it’s impossible to have the inside of your walls ripped apart without causing disruption. It was quite unnerving returning home from work each night to find more random holes in the house walls!

The worst was when his apprentice “left a spur disconnected in the loft”, which caused our alarm system to go wild overnight, erupting three times between the hours of 12am and 4am and requiring a degree in electrical engineering each time to turn it off! Still, the disruption did cause us to meet one of our neighbours who came to check that everything was OK!

In the end, he finished just about by my 30th birthday and the tidy up operation he put in place was effective at making good everything he’d sorted out. Even if it did leave big lines of new plaster which Jess covered over with white paint to try and integrate them!

With that saga over (until we discovered a dodgy floorboard last week), it was time to tackle Job 1 on our surveyor’s list of “Must Get Sorted Out”.

The roof.

Here’s a taster for my follow-up post on this lofty (gettit?!) subject!


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  1. Oh Joe, the memories, the memories……rather you than me!
    Take care! Love to you all. XXX

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