Driving in the car

There was a time when my wife and I used to enjoy long car journeys.

The opportunity to put the world to rights, listen to music/talks, work out what on earth we were doing and plan for the future.

With a 17 month old Sophie on board, everything has changed…

Not our actual car!

Not our actual car!



Me: “So, what would you like to listen to?”
My wife:  “I don’t mind at all. Radio 1? Capital? Would you like to listen to football on 5 Live?”
Me: “Oh, thanks! That’s really kind. Let’s share the stations.”
My wife: “That sounds great.”


Sophie: “Waaaa!”
Me: “What are we going to do?? She’s awake!”
My wife: “CD? Nursery Rhymes?”
Sophie: “Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!”
Me: “Just sing for her while I find it!!!”
Both: ♪ “Old MacDonald had a farm…” ♪
Sophie: (suddenly happy) ♪ “E-I-E-I-OO!” ♪




Me: “Did we bring a drink?”
My wife: “We’ve got a bottle of water. Is that any good?”
Me: “That would be lovely. Thank you for being so organised.”
My wife: “No problem.”
Me: (drinks slowly) “Mmm.”


Sophie: “Waaaaa!”
My wife: “Quick! Get the changing bag!”
Me: “On it! Did we bring a drink for her?”
My wife: “We’ve got two different cups of water, rice cakes, oat bars, raisins, bread and butter, cream cheese, a crumpet, a satsuma (breathes), a banana, an apple, some gingerbread, a bit of banana bread and last night’s leftover pasta.”
Me: “I’ll give her the whole lot…!”



My wife: “Let’s talk about…a) our finances, b) work and career plans, c) our friendships and family, d) church, recent talks or things we’ve been learning about the gospel, e) ideas for social events, f) reflections on something that’s recently happened, g) sitting in silence and simply enjoying each other’s company.”
Me: “That would be wonderful. Let’s spend the next hour/two hours working it all out, making a really effective plan and communicating effectively with one another. Dialoguing, some would say 😉”


Sophie: “Waaaa!”
Me: ♪ “Wind the Bobbin Up…”♪
My wife: ♪ “If you’re happy and you know it…”♪
Me: ♪ “The wheels on the bus…”♪
(put on loop until Sophie stops crying)



Me: “If I give you my phone, we can listen to music, you can watch videos or we can simply keep in touch with Twitter, Facebook and news.”
My wife: “That sounds like a great idea! And if it runs out of battery, you’ve got your in-car charger haven’t you?”
Me: “Absolutely. We’ve also got sunglasses too which we’ll need to wear to shade ourselves from the blazing British sunshine.”
My wife: “Of course. I never go anywhere in the car without making sure we’ve got them.”
Me: “Thanks so much.”
My wife: “No, thank you.”


Sophie: “Waaaa!”
My wife: “Where are the stacking cups?!”
Me: “I’m not sure – she brought her sheep though didn’t she?!”
My wife: “I think so… she’s got lots of books we can read though too?!”
Me: “Anything – just to keep her entertained!”
My wife: “Try the phone!”
Me: “No time for listening to music or enjoying videos. Sophie – enjoy!”

And they say children change your life. Don’t we know it?!


  1. Nexus 7. Back seat mount. Peppa Pig on random shuffle.

    Jobs’. A. Good’un.

    • Joe

      August 26, 2015 at 10:07 pm

      Haha brilliant! I can imagine the Vs sitting back and enjoying a nice relaxing car journey safe in Peppa’s stable hands!

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