My wife is on a mission to give Easter the same profile in our house as Christmas.

On the one hand, it’s very commendable. After all, the message of Easter is more central to the Christian gospel than that of Christmas and yet, even as Christians, we go overboard in our “festive celebrations” and Easter lays second fiddle.

It’s important that our little girl grows up knowing just how crucial Jesus’ death and resurrection is.

However, when you’re coming to do this properly, you are somewhat bereft of options of how to do it.

And your house simply becomes invaded by these…

IMG_2674 IMG_2673 IMG_2672 IMG_2671

Eggs… Everywhere… And that’s not eggactly (sorry) what we had in mind!

I used to own little nibbles bowls or ramekins for cooking – now they’re full of eggs and are scattered decoratively around or hose

Sadly for those of us who want to prioritise Easter, there are far fewer resources and decorations by which to do this. Whereas Christmas has tinsel, carols, presents and trees (to name just a few), Easter is symbolised by eggs and more poignantly the cross. And, in all fairness,  it’s quite tricky to get your hands on one of those.

For helping Sophie get it, we found the idea of 12 Resurrection Eggs thanks to Clarina (let’s be honest, we get loads of ideas from her!) and then we created our own, filled with Bible verses and tactile resources.

Sophie loved them; she would pick the egg out of her little yellow basket (very cute) and unscrew it carefully to find the contents. Some objects, like the twig and the thorn, were swiftly removed before she tried eating them but we definitely felt that at least on some level she was accessing the story.

Building this into or nightly family church worked really well too as it layered up the story over the week.

Doug and Helen – a terrific couple from a previous church of ours – have taken this further and made it even more childfriendly by replacing the 12 with just 6 eggs – one a night and very simple, so their little ones can access it. Great ideas for next year.

And then as for Easter itself? Did the overdose of plastic eggs prevent us from investing in Cadbury’s chocolate alternatives?

Well, Sophie came back from Word Alive with five golden ones and a whole host of others from the Grace Church Easter Egg Hunt?

That’d be a no then!

Oh, and as for the prioritising? We’re up for the challenge!