I remember being entranced by this museum as a child. In our house, Eureka became one of the most memorable trips we’d done because we had enjoyed it so much.


Therefore, although taking Sophie felt a bit like a timewarp, it was also really wonderful to share part of my history with her present.

And wow did she enjoy it.

There are so many things for little children to do there.

The highlight of downstairs was paying a visit to the mini town as this was where Sophie really got stuck in.

First of all there was posting letters and sorting them at the post office. We spent a good while doing that!

She is clearly a big fan of mobile phones – usually trying to “borrow” Mummy or Daddy’s phones – and so the idea of a phone box really appealed to her. Once she was inside, we were banned and she enjoyed cuddling the handset. Unfortunately she couldn’t reach the buttons (another favourite hobby) but she didn’t seem to mind too much.


After that, we pottered around the garage and she loved driving the different cars and filling them up with petrol.

DSC_1358She wasn’t keen on exchanging her pounds for euros – but then again who can blame her in this political economic climate?


The house was awesome to explore. Lots of time spent whipping up a storm in the kitchen – admittedly having to dodge round lots of other children to do so – and then in the bathroom splashing everybody. There was even a secret passageway through the blackness to connect rooms which somehow didn’t freak her out.

Archimedes discovers his Displacement Theory every half hour and we were lucky enough to be sat underneath as the giant metallic statue was plunged into the bath. Sophie got very excited and kept shouting: “Water! Water!” as she looked up at him.

It was very exciting to go into the health area where Sophie channelled her inner dentist and doctor. Clearly takes after her mum there. She seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning the giant set of teeth…probably a good thing.


Finally we ended up in the climates room and loved pretending to be in the desert. Sophie’s best scorpion impression wasn’t the most thought through thing I’ve ever seen but full marks for effort.

Eureka was a great place and the best part of it? Now we’ve paid to get in once, free entry for the next 12 months!