Film: The theory of everything

I’m aware that I’m on dangerous territory.

This isn’t something I’d normally do. Usually reviewing films is the domain of more experienced moviegoers.

And a blog post without even mentioning the word Sophie? (Darn it, I mentioned the name!). Surely not.

However, after a baby-free night spent at the cinema, I wanted to record a few of my thoughts about the Stephen Hawking biopic, my wife and I watched.

First of all, wow what a performance from Eddie Redmayne. Last seen strutting his young French revolutionary stuff in Les Miserables, I was blown away by how he captured Hawking’s disease.

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking

Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking


I am very ignorant of Motor Neurone disease, but the way he manipulated his body was incredibly convincing and brought reality into the movie sphere. Apparently Hawking thought he was “watching himself” at times it was that good.

The story focusses more on his relationship with his wife, Jane, whose book the screenplay is based on. All the sciency stuff is in the background but not given too much prominence.


Film vs Reality


It was really sad in parts and very touching in others – her devotion to him through thick and thin was an amazing example of marital love even if ultimately, it completely wore her out.

I also really liked the interplay between faith and science which goes on between the two of them. He’s a man of science out to prove the world’s origins did not feature God whereas her church background and ongoing faith gives her strength to carry out her role as his wife.

She’s no scientist but their conversations are marked with recognition and respect for each other’s positions. That was good to see.

I know there’s a lot of fuss about it with its Oscar nominations and I certainly think it deserved them. His life is an inspiring one and I firmly believe that God has sustained him throughout his illness to continue his marvellous scientific work.

Go see it and be touched by its humanity.

There, film review completed. Now that wasn’t too hard was it!


  1. We took grandad to see it on Wednesday, and thought it was wonderful. He deserves every inch of that Oscar if he gets it – marvellous performance.

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