Flashback: New Year’s Eve 2010

Like many people I know my thoughts on New Year’s Eve mainly consist of it flattering to deceive. The danger of it becoming an expensive letdown is an all too familiar reality for most.

However, one of my favourite memories of seeing in the New Year occurred in a flat in Nottingham five years ago, as an Incredible evening of fun and festivities brought 2011 in in real style.

When our good friends Mike and Ilze wanted to host a house party, we knew it would be enjoyable. After all, these are the guys who turned Easter Egg hunts into an annual adventure with a Latvian twist. Who could predict what New Year would look like?!

The theme was superhero so my wife and I dusted off our iron and used special paper to magically transform two simple red tshirts into Mr and Mrs Incredible. Result.

On our arrival we discovered that Matt was some kind of frozen skiing guy (I know he’ll correct me on that!) Lucy was Catwoman and Dave Zorro. 


Meanwhile, Mike had turned himself into part time  plumber turned Nintendo adventurer Mario.

I half expected him to reveal his brother Luigi was a special guest too.

And he could have been, only Rick had other ideas about who he wanted to be. Wrapped in two bags for life, grinning from ear to ear and with a plastic carrier binding his hand, Rick had some kind of supermarket thing going on.

It was cool, mainly for being so left field!

We had food, we played games that included balloon tricks! and just before midnight we crept up to the top floor of the apartment block to find a view of the Nottingham fireworks. We found a view but you could only fit two at a time watching.

Forget that – instead we decamped to the car park where Mike and Ilze had got some Chinese lanterns for us! Amazing!


Carefully, we lit them and sent them off into the patchwork night sky, hoping they wouldn’t be blown to pieces by the plethora of fireworks exploding across the city. 

For most parties that would be that but, when back inside,  there was still time for the Latvian twist. Ilze came into our own, setting up the stove and encouraging us to melt down little metal creatures as a New Year mascot. I loved my dragon!

The night eventually ended about four in the morning as our band of very happy and very sleepy superheroes slunk off to bed. A hugely successful New Year celebration.

Wherever you’ve been this year, whatever you’ve got up to, may I wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!

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  1. All the very best to you all for the new year .Let 2016 be the best year you have had .love to you all of course Sophie.love m m x x

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