Football shirts as acceptable fashion

I got a brand new football shirt this week.

This was a big moment for me. I’d not invested in a Blackburn Rovers shirt for about six years and the only one I had has been worn every week ever since to play football in.

I own this shirt...shows how long its been since I last bought one!

I own this shirt…shows how long its been since I last bought one!

And lots has changed since I last got one. They were in the Premier League for a start, still playing half decent football under Mark Hughes and Venkys chicken was still a hated phenomenon only in India.

Look what’s happened there!

Still, having purchased the fresh light blue halved Rovers shirt, I’m presented with a burning question: Is it socially acceptable to wear a replica shirt in public other than to a football match?

None of my friends do. Even the non-fashionista ones (Rick, Mike, Simon – I know you wouldn’t dream of it…!).

In fact, I haven’t seen a football shirt for many years other than on the pitch itself. My wife would probably agree that’s where they belong!

But on the flipside, I like the style. And let’s be honest, Blackburn Rovers need as many public fans as possible – we’re pretty underground as supporters otherwise.

So I’ll wear it for a bit…if only to test how long my wife’s patience lasts for. She’s far cooler than me and as soon as it starts embarrassing her, I may have to have to retire it to the subs bench.

Or get her a shirt of her own. Now there’s an idea!

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  1. Another amusing story – thanks joe xx

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