Friends forever

When our great friends informed us they were 11 weeks pregnant in July 2013, we were naturally delighted for them. All the more so because we could share our news that we were expecting too – and were just 4 and a half weeks behind!

Fast forward nine months and their little girl Emily was two weeks overdue and Sophie burst onto the scene two weeks early.

Meant they were only 4 days apart.

Practically twins!

Even though we live at opposite ends of the country, the connection between the girls is really quite established.

And New Year was the perfect opportunity to see it in action as we headed to Lichfield and a beautiful Air B&B cottage for two nights.


Sophie and her Mummy, Emily and her Daddy

Throughout the two days, it was so wonderful to see them interacting. When they’d seen each other previously, there had been a bit of communication and staring at each other gleefully. This time though, they were sharing toys (ish), playing hide and seek, chasing each other. Brilliant.

We found out that Sophie is quite ferociously affectionate when she likes someone. Poor Emily found out the hard way as she was bundled to the floor by a full-on hug/rugby tackle that would have made the late great Jonah Lomu flinch!

Donning their hats they headed to the park on New Year’s Eve with Sophie deliriously running ahead shouting; “Come on Emmy!” and Emily following on, probably wondering who this crazy Northern child was!

So cute.


“Which way shall we go?”

One game they invented was one of them hiding a sponge from Sophie’s doll set and letting the other one find it.

I say “hiding.” They always put the sponge in the same place (on top of the pile of books!) but the search could last for hours.

It was so special watching them play together, enjoying each others company – and not being anything like as snatchy as we thought they might be!

(Sophie did still have to say sorry a few times though!)

Having spent two days together the cutest bit was not just the goodbye cuddle but more the way they looked so bereft as their best friend left.

On the one hand, “Where Sophie?” On the other, “Emmy?!”

Friends forever? It’s been a pretty good start!


  1. Lovely pictures of both of them they look two gorgeous little girls .hope all of you are ok .xx

  2. Cute! Hope you guys all had fun together!

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