When my brother-in-law and sister-in-law kindly purchased a fancy dress costume for Sophie from Ana in the Frozen film, we thought that it was a really lovely Christmas present.

Coupled with the film itself, we were excited about introducing Sophie to the magic of Disney films in what was essentially a fun and harmless way.

Little did we know that it would almost instantly lead to a brand new world of childhood obsession which, if left untreated, could spiral out of control!

Don’t tell me to Let It Go!

When she first watched it, Sophie sat with her mouth agape, her eyes transfixed by the action on the screen. She loved pointing at the coronation service in the church and shouting “Grandad” at the TV in honour of her Reverend Grandfather.

She was fascinated by the icy shapes and colours which are whipped up throughout this entertaining story. She loved shaking her hands and bopping her head to the insanely catchy music.

In short, it went down well.

Sophie would love nothing more than to be Elsa!

Encouraged by its success, we allowed her to watch little bits of it again the following weekend and that was it. She was hooked.

Now, we’ll get random exclamations of “Let It Go!” from Sophie, a clear indication she wants to listen to the song. As it finishes, she bursts into tears at the thought that it is over.

In the snow last week, she was shouting “Snowman” at the wintry weather, no doubt picturing a goofy carrot-nosed snowman who loves to giggle and dream about being around in the summer!

Obviously shops are covered in Frozen merchandise – still! – and Sophie loves nothing more than running up to the latest random toy and shouting “Elsa!” or “Ana!” at the top of her voice. Other shoppers look disapprovingly at us, as if we have reduced our daughter’s childhood to a one-stop search for Frozen experiences.

We’ve not by the way – she’s watched it twice! – but such is its icy grip that our little girl loves it and can spot it everywhere?

So is there a cure?  Will she grow out of it? Warm up from the frosty glares that it casts over our family?!

Well, my wife informs me that there is a Frozen 2 planned for 2017.

I guess that’ll be a “no” then!