Apparently any child born today – the same day as the brand new Princess Royal if you hadn’t noticed- will be awarded a lucky silver penny.

However, on Friday morning, when the dust has settled after the General Election and we possibly have a bit more clarity about the direction of our country, what will the future hold for Sophie and the Princess’s generation.

Sophie runs her learned eye over the policies of the main parties which will apply directly to her.


They keep going on about money and strength of our country. The only money I care about is whether Mummy and Daddy have got enough in their pockets to buy me rice cakes. I don’t understand these big words about allowances and tax credits – apparently that will help a little bit but I do wish they’d stop talking about how bad it was in 2010. I can’t remember that!


Liberal Democrats

I’ve really enjoyed my nursery hours so I’m pleased that some children are going to get 15 hours free time from 2 years old. Nearly there! I also had a great time when Daddy was off on his paternity leave so what they want to do there seems a bit fairer. I know it’s a while till I get to university but it’s something these guys really messed up a few years ago. Will they do any of the things they’ve promised?



I’ve been in hospital quite a bit over my short life and I really quite like the NHS. They seem to care a bit more than the other parties about looking after this. I do like our Sure Start centre too and they seem to be bothered about keeping those open. Will they run out of money though? That’s what I’m worried about.



They don’t have any policies about children do they?

Nigel_Farage_MEP_1,_Strasbourg_-_Diliff (1)


I like farms, parks and fields. Sounds like these guys will protect them so I can keep playing in them. Hope so.

Natalie Bennett

As for the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Democratic Unionists, I really don’t understand anything they say. Perhaps they don’t apply to me?

It’s all a bit of a mystery really. I’m just glad I don’t have to make the decision. Good luck with your voting. I’m off to have a snack.