#GetGoodSummer halfway mark

So, five weeks in and we’ve reached the halfway mark with these goals. Ideally, I would have completed at least half of them, if not more, and be motoring on to finish them in plenty of time for the deadline.

Yeah, right.


Breaking up from school last Friday seemed to offer the opportunity to push on with them but it hasn’t happened that way! This is in part because we’re about to head off on a summer camp with church to try and entertain and teach a whole host of 11-14 year olds for a week. Lots of prep (and psyching up!) has needed to happen as a result!

Jess and I also managed to get a night away without Sophie (!) – don’t worry she was being looked after, if you can call a night in a caravan in North Wales being looked after! – so that was another way of avoiding these aims.

But even so, here’s the update.

1. Philippians

Found it hard being out of routine. Seem to have spent the last four days reciting Philippians 3: 7-11 to try and get it to stick. Jess tested me on Monday on the opening two and a half chapters and it’s pretty much there. Not sure how camp will work with it. Could just be a consolidation week next week!

2. Singaporean dish

Tonight’s the night! We’re having Hainanese Chicken Rice – a Singaporean classic which involves some random and exciting sauces and dipping opportunities. Yum!

Mine will look nicer!

Mine will look nicer!

3. Skipping


4. Table Tennis

I’m still stuck on one out of three played and destroyed (!), but hopefully camp will provide a few more opportunities. Sophie is not quite old enough yet to take me on unfortunately.

5. Layla

Five weeks in and not started…that’s not good, is it? If I can squeeze some time in today amongst packing and prepping, then I’ll give it a go. Too nervous!

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  1. The chicken dish looks very interesting! A bit adventurous for me and my culinary skills!

    Enjoy your camp!

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