#GetGoodSummer in the Isle of Man!

One week in and it’s not been the most auspicious start to #GetGoodSummer.

I think I’ve got a mitigating excuse though!

For the last five days, I have been looking after 59 “happy” children on a school residential trip to the Isle of Man (as a soon to be published blog will show!) so it’s been difficult to really get my teeth into my challenges.

Still, as I’m supposed to, here’s an update on my progress.

1. Learn the book of Philippians

This one has started well! I’ve learned Chapter 1 up to v16 so am on track to complete the chapter by the end of the two weeks. I have a reading plan in place and hopefully will be able to follow it through. I can already see a healthy difference in my spiritual life just by allowing God’s word to live inside me.

2. Cook a Singaporean dish from scratch

I see this more as a Week 9 sort of challenge…!

3. Skipping

I thought about doing this on the beach in the Isle of Man, but seaweed was no substitute for a skipping rope. I think this is the one I’m the least enthusiastic about, although it would provide the best photographs!

This guy is much happier with skipping than I am!

This guy is much happier with skipping than I am!

4. Layla on the guitar

I’ve played my guitar a lot this week but mainly too entertain children on the beach rather than in a structured practice session. Maybe next week!


5. Table tennis with three new people

A goal I’m really looking forward to. Any challengers??



  1. I would love to learn Layla on the guitar. Can’t play the guitar at all tho, so maybe something easier to start with!

    • Joe

      July 6, 2014 at 10:27 pm

      I’m not sure I can play the guitar that well either… I may learn how to play it but perhaps not at full speed :s

  2. Well, I’d say your first goal is pretty good going! It’s all about pacing yourself 😉 and yes, school trips are a pretty valid excuse! #GetGoodSummer

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