Into Week 3, the challenge is well and truly under way and I’m beginning to enjoy it now.

Although trying to fit the goals in, at the end of term, whilst dealing with a hot-and-bothered four month old baby girl, has been the real challenge!

There has been a momentous event this week though.

I learned to skip! Sure, I still look like a tap-dancing Bambi as my legs splay from side to side, (Skippy John would not be happy), however the challenge was to complete 20 consecutive skips over the rope and I can certainly do that. When our good friends Helen and Ed visited and could both skip easily, and my parents showed me up by being able to do it, I figured I had to get on with it. And it’s sorted.

Proof of me skipping

Proof of me skipping

As for my other goals, I’m still pressing on with Philippians. Chapter 1 is learned and secured while I’ve been soaking in the great words of Chapter 2, particularly v5-11 this week. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. Challenging.

Very much on course to have this learned in the ten weeks.

Goal 2, the Singaporean dish, is going to have to wait. It’s unrealistic to do this outside of the holidays so I’ll work on it when I break up.

Table tennis…our PE coach at work brought me a set of bats and wants to play tomorrow. I’m not sure playing a PE coach will give me the opportunity to win though. I was hoping for a couple of church guys, who maybe haven’t played in years/are up for taking pity on me (Dan? Mike?) so I can achieve this goal. I can carry on playing Nick forever but it gets boring after a while. And doesn’t he know it!

Finally, the guitar mission. I feel like this is the most difficult one and therefore am a little intimidated by it. I’ve been practising guitar for my class’s leavers productions so have parked Layla. Will see if I can make a start with it this weekend.

Thanks for the encouraging messages. I will get there!