#GetGoodSummer Week 6 (and four days!)

Massive apologies for the lateness of this update! I’ve been leading on a Christian Ventures camp with an awesome bunch of 11-14 year olds and some cracking fellow leaders. Was certainly interesting having a five month old there too!

In the midst of all that though, some excellent progress with the goals (including two more ticked off!) so I’m feeling very content with that!

1. Philippians

Amidst the rigours and strict timetabling of camp, it’s been difficult to be quite as routine with bible study. However, having a small child sleeping on my shoulder after a long and tiring day (circa 11.45pm!), proved conducive to swotting up and meditating on the last few verses of Philippians 3. Whilst not absolutely word perfect, I can do Chapters 1-3 of Philippians now and with four weeks left have one chapter to learn. I really hope and pray that completing this exercise will really enable me to Rejoice in the Lord.

2. Singaporean meal

I made it! And it sucked! Well, not totally, but I’m not sure slightly undercooked boiled chicken thighs, a overpowering chilli dipping sauce and an incomprehensible spring onion and ginger sauce is classic Singaporean. I took a risk with my choice of menu and it didn’t pay off. Stick to the sauces next time!

A disappointing success

A disappointing success

3. Skipping

Not done for a few weeks, but that’s OK. It’s already finished.

4. Table Tennis

I think this might have been completed! Not content with taking down almost of the members without any fuss (with the notable exception of David in my dorm. ‘Played, lad!), I was able to take part in a table tennis tournament that included two adults. Having seen them both off, I have now defeated my three new people at table tennis. Would still happily leave this one open-ended though…any excuse for more matches.  However, I suspect Jess might want me to have ticked this off.

5. Layla

Ah, yes. This old chestnut. Still not started… I’m hoping that the completion of 2,3 and 4, plus the soon-to-be-completed 1 will give me plenty of time to focus on this one. Together with raising a child and preparing for a brand new school term? I’ll let you know how it works out!


  1. A productive week then! Impressive given you were in the midst of a Kids Camp! Very impressed with the Philippians goal… I’ve started learning scripture goodness knows how many times, but never got further than twenty verses!! Keep up the good work! Next week is Layla week!! #GetGoodSummer

    • Joe

      August 14, 2014 at 6:57 pm

      Absolutely it is! I think all other activities will have to take a back seat as I practise 24/7. I’ve got this competitive streak which your goals have reignited in me! Guess when you come back from Norway you’ll have a bit more time to finish off yours?

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