#GetGoodSummer Week 9 – only one week left!

With the finishing line in sight, I think I might have got a bit complacent this week!

All summer I’ve been linked up with the lovely bloggers at Clarina’s Contemplations to spur each other on to achieve five goals of various ambitions.

And it’s been going rather well – I’ve just one goal to complete.

It’s going to be touch and go though!

I finished learning Philippians this week and, despite a few muddles in the middle of Chapter 2, I can recap this pretty confidently. My wife has challenged me to do a longer book (Jeremiah maybe?!) so we’ll see if that materialises in the autumn. Not sure an Old Testament prophet on that scale is quite as achievable!

As for my final main challenge, learning Layla on the guitar. I have definitely been a bit slack on this one.

Pick and choose how  to play it

Pick and choose how to play it

So I’ve got the notes, the fingering and the chords. I just need to get the thing up to speed. It’s coming, but with a week left until it needs to be slick and school starting up from Monday, I’m a bit nervous about making it in time.

Find out next week, when there may even be some evidence available!


  1. Well done on most of your goals Joe! My money is on you being able to play Layla for the final link up 🙂 #getgoodsummer

  2. Go Joe! One week to go! Looking forward to your update tomorrow! #GetGoodSummer

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