You know it’s Christmas when you’re manfully trying to attach gummy sweets to the top of a gingerbread house!

Such was the situation Jess and I got involved in this weekend as we attempted the ultimate IKEA flatpack challenge – edible furniture!

We “created” the gingerbread house last year for my parents’ wedding anniversary and enjoyed the experience so much we wanted to do it again just for ourselves!

Sophie was an option to help us, but I wondered if her 9 month old finger grip might not quite cut it for us in decorative detail. This is serious business don’t you know!

We got all our ingredients out…in classic IKEA style we had all the big pieces and they just needed to be attached.

DIY House…with official instruction booklet!

Last season’s house was stuck together using crazily hot sugar, melted beyond treacle and the type which would seal fingers together forever. Don’t know why people use a soldering iron when this sugar packs so much more power!

However, this year’s more safety-conscious option involved whisking together icing sugar, egg white and lemon juice (“not by hand Jess!”) until it became a fine paste.

This paste was great and had the added effect of making it look snow-dipped. Kind of.

We left it a number of hours and then covered the place in sweets, decorative icing, chocolate buttons and any other random baking ingredients we had in our drawer.


Et voila! A gingerbread house fit for consumption. Now what to eat it with…?

Hands I suppose. Hansel and Gretel would certainly approve!

NB: Gingerbread houses have been on our agenda since an incredible snow-covered original house was created for us by Mike and Ilze back in 2010 and Rich and Alison produced an unbelievable one for #EggnogNight complete with candles inside the building. Impressive.