As my blog from the other day tried to suggest, it was a real treat to study History with so many quality people.

Many of the others in the photo I have lots of time and respect for and would love to know what they are up to now.

(Probably been swallowed into the craziness of London living – but that’s OK!)

In saying all of that, we still get the treat of hanging out with a really good friend and his delightful wife Becs. Even though he is well hidden by the original pic, Ben was a big part of the History crew and it’s great to see him, reluctantly, still up north. His amazing observations about parenting and surviving as a Dad continually make me laugh and are well worth checking out on Facebook. A focused,  determined guy with a deep heart and terrible memory. (I genuinely don’t think he remembers anything about uni), I’ll always associate Ben with pints before Revolutions in France, fudging through pieces on the trombone with me and Tom Jones wife beaters. Don’t ask.


He is really friendly – just takes his beer seriously!

Chris meanwhile could be relied upon to bring his Scouse sense of humour into all situations. Virtually incomprehensible to the history lecturers, I can only assume his essays were more understandable as he’s such a bright lad. Very funny, obsessed with Liverpool and for some reason unsure of whether or not Steven Gerrard was any good!


One of my favourite uni people had to be lovely Hannah F, who didn’t so much personify Welshness as just show all the qualities her compatriots ate renowned for. She is so super smiley and I’ve hung out with her in places ranging from Chorley to Sydney and back again. The best food day out with her featured Fish and Chips followed by choose your own ice cream with the most amazing of views.

Sydney 13-170709 101


Then there’s Faye, front and centre of the History picture and probably my very first History friend? She taught me the Yellow Mini game (which i still play now and have passed onto Sophie) and was so much fun to work with and chat to.  She had friends everywhere and quite liked shoes…! I also know it’s her 30th today on the day this is published so Happy Birthday Fayeth.

Hannah D was a Raleigh Parkite like me and we spent lots of time discussing the merits of the history system and the genius of Dr Nick Thomas (top bloke). I’ll remember her for such disparate things as dancing to the Scissor Sisters at the arena, providing an opportunity for me to have a night out in my Tesco uniform (!) and forging a firm – if temporary – friendship with Fearne Cotton. Nice.

History meal- Faye and Hannah

I didn’t meet Nat until second year – she’d probably been hiding in a Broadgate cupboard! – but we had lots of fun reunifing Germany in second year. She enjoyed getting one up on me in the sarcasm stakes and her knowledge of medieval homosexuality certainly increased unexpectedly in third year. Another firm advocate of Dr Nick too.


Cat and Laura were key parts of the History crew too. Already Midlanders, their trip to Nottingham gave them the chance to show just how intelligent they were and they didn’t disappoint. After being grounded in Learning History with Philip Riden – didn’t you just love it guys? – l can remember many an enjoyable conversation, usually in the soulless cave of the Hallward Library, a place which has almost single handedly robbed many people of their love for History! I hope you’re both doing well.

The second half of the Jackson ‘twins’, Andy loved Manchester United (hows that working out now?!) and is probably one of the most cheerful blokes I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He even got excited for me when he saw the Blackburn team at the train station. Impressed with that.


No History post would be complete without mention of Dave. A quietly spoken genius who thought incredibly deeply about everything and came out with his well deserved First Class degree. From the urban utopia of Beckenham, I got on very well with  Dave and his Jubilee campus mates – all top blokes. We did English together in 1st year, interspersed with games of pool, laughter and a few beers. He’s probably a high flying lawyer by now.

Finally, a special mention for Rachel. She technically had her own History crew, keeping it real with American studies but she still had to endure Rise of the West, 20th century History, French Revolutions et al with me. Probably one of my favourite people to joke with, her sense of humour and ability to laugh at herself (and me!) was awesome. Driven, passionate about justice, kind, she was an inspirational person to be around. Another member of the Scissor Sisters dancers, I got some good time with Rachel exploring jewels such as Guilford and Liverpool as well as experiencing the crazy parking charges of Angel Islington (!).


So there’s the crew. So many legends. So many good memories. Plenty of other people impacted my life in such a positive way during my studies and I’m sorry I couldn’t include you all.

Thanks to the Nottingham Uni History alumni for all those cherished memories!