We were thrilled on Saturday to celebrate the wedding of “History legend” Charlie to her top new husband Sam.

For my wife and I, it was a great chance to catch up with some of the people who I enjoyed three happy years studying with back at Nottingham Uni 2004-2007.

Ironically, Facebook was more than happy to confirm it was the 9th anniversary of our History ball, firing up all sorts of ridiculous pictures of a night out down Chapel Row in Nottingham.

Certainly not the greatest photo in the world but it captures almost everyone

Certainly not the greatest photo in the world but it captures almost everyone

So, here’s a tribute to all the History crew. I wonder what you’re all doing now!

First of all, Dennis. Yes I know he’s not on the picture. But that’s because he was jet-setting in Germany for a year and didn’t graduate until 2008. Nevertheless, a truly top bloke who has featured on these pages before. Mine and his trip to Brazil was one of my life highlights, a fabulous exploration of Rio (and Salvador) and one which I’d love to reprise for the Olympic Games this year. His fiendish recruitment policy set in motion by brief career as a merchandiser at Nottingham Arena – there’s definitely a blog post there! – and now, instead of winding up Jon Bon Jovi, he’s pottering around with Nelson Mandela’s fellow prisoners. Some conversation topics there!


Ah, Jemma, one of my absolute best friends at uni. We bonded over Eastern European Geography (of all things!) and a rather bizarre interest in trains. (Mainly me mocking her for it!) Her love of trains remains undiminished many years on and her aspiration to be like Mr Philip Riden (or at least to win his approval!) likewise. She was the reluctantly appointed, but totally appropriate History Social Sec. Her organisational skills ensured we had numerous things to look forward to and her houseparties were always classily assembled. I’m only surprised she’s not gone down the Sarah Badcock line of purchasing a giant dog for her impressive Battle of Britain office in Bromley!


Then there’s Charlie, whose fierce loyalty and unending enthusiasm remains inspiring. She brings life, soul and the rest to the party and could always be relied upon to be found in a noisy corner of an Ocean dancefloor pelting out all the songs at the top of the voice and raising her arms to the ceiling. Good to see that this had not changed when we attended her wedding on Saturday – still the energetic and enthusiastic one!


As for Aaron, his boundless energy and excitement rubs off on all in his company. His passion for selfies – he invented them don’t you know – not only flood his camera memory card but those of all of us who spent any amount of time with him. (I’ve got a lot!). His love for Manchester is only rivalled by his passion for London and his ferocious political appetite will take him gleefully into any verbal political battle. Good luck, competitor.

Inventing the selfie long before it was a thing (just don't let him have your camera!)

Inventing the selfie long before it was a thing (just don’t let him have your camera!)

These were the guys I had the privilege to hang out with at the weekend.

But, as the photo above shows, the crew had many more wonderful folk as part of it.

I’ll have to return to them in my next post.