I never enjoyed Gymnastics much at school.

I used to dread it when the rain crashing down outside signalled the end of games and the descent into the gym to do such stringent things as climbing ropes, bench jumps and a random array of different rolls. We used to have to do things like time each other and compete against other groups.

I really didn’t like it. And hated the fact I couldn’t climb the ropes! It’s never adversely affected my life…but the frustration has lingered on!

So it was quite an about turn when I happily signed Sophie up for “gymnastics classes” at this amazing Gymnastics Centre not too far from us. It was the first class last week.

Well, I say class. It was more a case of exploring the equipment and barging other children out of the way (or being barged out of the way in Sophie’s case – she was the youngest there!)

Sophie has almost got this sorted

Sophie has almost got this sorted

It was meant to be a totally safe place, full of springy equipment where no child could possibly get hurt. Trust Sophie. Allow me to explain.

We’d been to the Gymnastics centre before but never on a Saturday morning. It was absolute carnage. Millions of children twirling and twizzling round – and that was just in the entrance hall – with the car park packed to the rafters.

Sophie and I stumbled in, clutching her changing bag and a cheque book to pay the membership fees. There was no space to sit in the cafe to do the form so we sat by the window on the floor, Sophie patiently waiting and watching while I frantically filled it in. Until it came to writing the cheque.

As I was completing it, she decided she wanted to push past me into the (non-existent) space by the window and she wanted it to happen now.  So off she went, squeezing past me and unsurprisingly she toppled over, falling in slow motion and whacking her head on the windowsill.


A lady took pity on us and helped us over to a table. Trust us – getting injured at a soft play centre!

After a quick cuddle, Sophie was totally fine and very excited about gymnastics. We played on all the equipment – except the trampoline. That involved waiting for others to finish and Sophie doesn’t really do patience!

Apparently this is tumbling - she's definitely good at tumbling!

Apparently this is tumbling – she’s definitely good at tumbling!

At the end, all the adults and children got together into a circle and had a go at tucks, pikes and forward rolls. Sophie watched inquisitively and enjoyed having a go at jumping to the music. She even high-fived the instructor as we left! Not exactly lacking in confidence.

It was so much fun and went some way to banishing those horrid memories of high school.

Can’t believe we have to wait a week until we get to go again!