Happy 1st birthday Harry

When Sophie turned one, I couldn’t quite believe how fast the time had gone.

That’s nothing compared to how quickly year one has been for Harry.

Today we celebrate his first birthday and it’s incredible to think about what has happened over the past year.

Jobs, family, leave, freelance, sadness, elation…his first year has seen it all.

And yet his happy joyous spirit has been wonderful throughout, keeping us all sane and grounded and constantly bringing smiles to our faces.

It can’t be easy being the second child.

His big sister, however keen and loving her intentions, rules the roost to some extent and is even determined to play with his birthday toys before he gets the chance.

Encouraged to be independent, he learned the art of moving for himself far faster than Sophie ever did, crawling round the house and finding things to pull himself up on/destroy.

He’s changed dramatically, from that beautiful helpless newborn to the boy who’s being putting off walking because he’s quite happy to crawl round or get someone to carry him where he wants to go.

He’s loved food too – from the moment he tasted pureed fruit and veg for the first time he can’t get enough of it. Even when he’s been full and has dropped things on the floor to indicate he’s finished, five minutes later he’s crawling back under his high chair to find his own leftovers and polish them off.

Efficient storage system to be honest.

His easygoing nature has helped him settle into full-time nursery with the minimum of fuss. By no means an ideal situation for such a youngster, but unavoidable and he’s been really well looked after. Think he gets more cuddles at nursery than he does at home to be honest. Popular little guy.

We are so grateful to God for him and to everyone who has supported us with parenting him. He’s been a real blessing and for those of you who read about our miscarriage will have noticed that it was virtually a year to the day of our miscarriage that Harry arrived. Remarkable timing really.

Happy birthday Harry – let’s see what life as a one-year-old has in store for you.


  1. Another wonderfully worded insight into the life n times of a one year! Your stories, writing and literature about family and life in general are a treat to read.
    Happy birthday Harry, blink and you’ll be 2…!

  2. Happy Birthday Harry
    Enjoy every minute of having a one year old around
    You will miss these days dearly later on this n your lives
    Wishes no you all the best
    Love from us all

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