Sophie turns 2 today.


We made it this far, through the rollercoaster of parenting a tiny human being.

And it’s been fun – awesome actually.

She’s come such a long way, even from her first birthday where she suddenly seemed incredibly grown up.

That beautiful little one year old has matured and turned into a sophisticated, two year old toddler.

This is how she will discover our kitchen

This is how she will discover our kitchen on her birthday!

Here’s a few highlights from the past year.

Zimmer to Toddler

At the time, the transition from crawling to walking with support to charging around seemed to take forever but in reality it was actually really quite quick. The days where she could be plonked in the middle of the living room floor had long gone by the time she reached one but she was still only cruising. Carefully, she would edge along a sofa before grabbing the nearest movable object – hopefully a walker. Beaming from ear to ear, she’d set off.

We invented a To Me To You game with her, which essentially involved throwing her out into a big space between two adults and seeing what she did. Normally, she’d cling on and then stumble the few half steps into the waiting arms of the parent. Gradually, this got bigger and bigger until one day, she saw a mirror at the other end of the hallway and she was off, racing towards it. Probably to check her hair and, if Daddy had done it that way, to pointedly remove the hair clip and get it redone! Nowadays, I can barely remember a time where she wasn’t walking around and everything at my knee height was not a head hazard!

Hair Today…

Our friend used to comment that Sophie had a bit of a Neymar hairstyle going on – long on top, short round the sides and quite funky. That’s changed. Now, with the advent of tiny little bobbles (confusing!) and very cute hairclips, she’s become a little style icon. I’ve learned a couple of tricks of the trade – mainly how to keep her hair out of her eyes! – but she has been spotted sporting ponytails, plaits and little pigtails too. Like a proper little girl! So no-more Ney-mar!

Little Miss Chatterbox

Chatting with our wonderful nephew on Wednesday – he’s nearly ten months old – reminded me that there was a time when the smallest of repeated sound would bring us such joy. Now, 14 months older than her cousin, Sophie has a rich array of vocabulary which she can use and understand. It makes such a difference!

She knows how to sing Happy Birthday (kind of!) and will probably join in whole-heartedly when we sing it to her. She also knows her own mind and stock phrases like “Sophie do it” have become a regular feature in our house. I think I’ll teach her to approach washing up with that particular phrase!

My wife entered the realm of showpiece cake baking - she's done a fabulous job!

My wife entered the realm of showpiece cake baking – she’s done a fabulous job!

And so we’ll celebrate her birthday, giving great thanks to the one who gave us everything. Thank you God for Sophie – she has been such a blessing to us and to many other people. We are so privileged to have her in our family and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.

Terrible Twos? – nah, not on our watch!