There comes a point where you have to accept that your child, despite your best efforts to discourage him, is going to start walking.

That’s the time when every cupboard gets childproofed, stair gates are slammed up, anything within reach is plonked on the highest possible shelf.

It’s also the time when thrifty parents have to loosen the purse strings and buy some shoes to help them with their development.

We just didn’t expect Sophie to get herself involved at the same time.

We went to Clarks, as you do, and waited patiently for the shop assistant. Sophie found herself some Frozen slippers – standard – and after a bit of persuasion swapped them for some soft white rabbit slippers.

She absolutely loved them.

There was something very endearing about watching her model her feet in front of the mirror.

“Mummy, Mummy. Look at my slippers!”

Uber excited.

Harry on the other hand, the child we’d actually come to buy for, seemed utterly chilled out.

He sat patiently on my knee while the lady sized up his tiny little feet – 3 and a half – and then as my wife pulled down choice after choice repeating variations on, “This is cute” and “We like this one.”

Essentially she’d picked the same shoe in five different colours but fortunately the shop assistant was wise to that.

As she disappeared to fetch all our options, Sophie replaced her and began to measure first mine, then my wife’s feet.

For some reason, we both came out as three and a half? Funny, that. Very sweet though.

When the lady came back, we squeezed Harry into his first pair of shoes and his little face opened into a beaming smile.

Off he toddled, holding one hand with my wife and using the other to wave cheekily at other shoppers.

So comfortable he was in fact that I began to believe the thing people have been saying to me for a good few months: “Won’t be long now.”

Thats right, he won’t.

But at least we’ll have Sophie in her brand new rabbit slippers to give us a hand looking after him.