Harry’s first 100 days

When Donald Trump sits down at the end of his first 100 days as US President, he’ll do what countless world leaders have done before him and reflect on his achievements.

He’ll look back at the terror and bigotry he’s inspired and probably think was it worth it? He’ll consider his lowest approval ratings in presidential history and wonder if it’s him or the country that needs to change.

And, just like all those historical leaders, he’ll weigh up if he’s achieved what he wanted to do.

For those of us watching on, his first 30 days have been a car crash. It’s frightening what he might do in the following 70.

Regardless, 100 days seems like a decent time to reflect on what’s happened and as Harry reaches that milestone it’s awe-inspiring to think about what he’s already achieved.

100 days ago he barely opened his eyes, found feeding a trial and did not know anything about the world around him.

Three months on and he’s come a long way.

First of all, he’s learned to eat. Pretty simple task and pretty important once you can do it. However, those first few days are so critical for acquiring the skills to feed and he picked up them quite well after an up and down start. We know from our experience with Sophie that feeding can be very hit and miss so we’re so grateful for Harry’s abilities.

Another thing he can do is focus and stare at things for a period of time. If you get chance to see his passport photo at some point over the next five years you’ll discover exactly what I mean. The single most fixated gaze you’ll ever see with huge popping eyes. Impressive.

His ears are capable of responding to loud noises as we discovered when Sophie shrieked next to him at the swimming pool and he erupted into terrified screams.

He is starting to hold his head for himself which is very cool because the requirement on us to prop him up is less. I find it amazing how his little body just develops so quickly. Over the next few months he’ll learn to sit up which again will make life easier for us.

Bathtime has also become a lot easier as he’s learned to associate warm water with enjoyment and he loves splashing his legs and battering his arms into the water. Generally he ends up pouring water into his own face which strangely doesn’t seem to cause him any discomfort. I know of many adults who would be far more sensitive to that kind of outcome.

Finally, he’s learned that hugs from his big sister can be both enjoyable and traumatic often at the same time. It’s so lovely that she wants to express her adoration of him but she can be a touch exuberant in how she goes about it.

So that’s Harry’s first 100 days. Amazing achievements. I wonder if Mr Trump will be feeling the same about his in a couple of months time.

Did you spot the notable absentee from Harry’s learning?

Yep, the next lesson (and one that has been ongoing for some time now) is learning to sleep. And how I’d love for him to nail that one. Please, Harry please…

(I’ll let you know).


  1. Harry go to sleep – all night please – lots of love, your Grandad x

  2. Very well written xx

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