I’d never realised how free we were before we had a child.

Pre-baby, we could walk into our house after work and have a mountain of options available for an interesting evening.

Post-baby and those options are whittled down to “put the child to bed” or “make up her last feed.”

And it took until last Friday to realise this.

For, when Sophie’s grandparents offered to take her overnight, suddenly my wife and I were presented with a free evening!

What on earth do we do?

Well, I should first point how bizarrely quiet the whole house seemed. I’m pretty noisy, but minus a child it all felt strangely empty.

It was great to sit down, enjoy a relaxed meal together and discuss our options. We were free to do whatever we liked… and it all felt a bit overwhelming!

What we did do to celebrate our child-free evening was head off to the cinema to watch an 18 (I know!) and enjoy a late night, without worrying about getting up in the morning.

Ah freedom. What a joy.

However, in saying all of this, was I still delighted to get our baby girl back the following day?

Too right I was! And would I change back to how it was before?

Not for all the options in the world!