Sophie’s new favourite game is a timeless classic.

For generations, this children’s game has been enjoyed and loved by millions, all seeking to find new, innovative ways of staying out of the way of the seeker.

The role of the seeker? Count loudly, think laterally with your searching and make sure you collect everybody.

Nobody wants to be left in their hiding place long after the official game has ended (however good the hiding place is!)

As for Sophie, well she has developed her own “creative” take on this fabulous game.

First of all, she’ll announce publicly to everybody within earshot that “Sophie, hide!”

Then, off she’ll toddle, undoubtedly to find the world’s greatest hiding place. So good a spot in fact, that we could be searching for days before we find her.

Well, not quite.

For starters, she always goes to the same place. The long, soft curtains which separate our kitchen/diner from the back garden doors.

Come round to our house and you are likely to find a small child sneaking around behind here!

Come round to our house and you are likely to find a small child sneaking around behind here!

Also, she’ll stay behind there for about a minute before her boredom kicks in and she feels the need to burst out, a giant grin spread across her cute little face.

Occasionally, one of us will hide with her to try and keep the suspense going a little longer. In that situation, the adult frantically “Shhhs” and playfully holds her back so that the seeker can carry on the game a little longer.

Sophie’s quizzical look and repeated hushed whispers only add to the fun!

We tried it out on my wife last week when she returned from work. Sophie and I hid behind the curtain as my wife wandered in. She was calling, “Hello” and sounded slightly bemused at the lights being on but no-one at home. (I know, I know, living with me that’s not an unusual situation for her to find herself contending with!)

Sophie and I were poised, like a sprinter on the blocks, waiting for her to get ever so slightly closer before launching  out to frighten her.

As we sat there, my wife wandered into the living room and Sophie could wait no longer, charging from out of the curtains, pattering into the lounge and grinning wildly at her Mummy. Eventually, she remembered to say “Boo!” with great gusto and enthusiasm as my wife collapsed in mock surprise!

We all giggled until, as the laughter died down and the enjoyment of that lovely moment settled in, Sophie moved it on by gamely pronouncing her current favourite word…


So back we went!