We had the privilege of hosting Esther from our church in our chalet at Word Alive this weekend. It was great fun to have her around and I thought I’d let her loose on this blog – just to see how she found it! Risky, right?!

An experience worth blogging about? I’d say so.

For those of you who know Joe, his wife and little Sophie, you’ll be well aware of…

…their delightful nature. Ever up for a laugh, kind and caring and just some totes amaze people. During the weekend of Team Webbshaw we have shared many a beautiful moment. From early morning renditions of Wicked and Les Miserables, to late night discussions about Jess having more letters after her name than in it, I have learned that living with these guys is an experience not to be missed.

Approximately 18 months ago, I attended a wedding with the B’s (let’s face it, it’s an unnecessarily long surname) and we had such a jolly time that we agreed to be friends and love each other forever and ever.
Sadly, due to the business of life and moving in relatively different circles, the most we’ve managed is the occasional chat at church and musical related text.

Esther: RED

3 hours later…

Joe: The blood of angry men!!

Not quite the meaningful friendship we hoped for but it was beautiful nonetheless.
Yet thanks to my slight disorganisation I ended up begging The B’s for a spot on their Chalet floor and of course, they kindly obliged.

Upon arrival I was informed that Joe was in fact sharing a room with Sophie, and Jess and I would be in the lounge in the classic air bed/futon situation. Whilst I feared I may have been an unwanted burden, the family fully embraced me as part of their own. I’ve been fed wonderful food (can I hear it for the bacon buttie!?), provided with coffee (vastly important) and we’ve been able to chat about all the great things we’ve been learning over the weekend. It’s been so lovely getting to know them better – even with crazy pet names like Sophie Bear -, and I’m hopeful that this has given us the kickstart to our lifelong friendship.

Pontins is such an exotic place

Pontins is such an exotic place

Highlights of the weekend:

Sophie selfie (you’ll have to ask them directly if you want to see it!):
She’s such a cutie. I feel I can be a mature influence upon her. (Ed: I’m not so sure...)

Early mornings:
Really? Yep. Sharing a chalet with a young child, I knew I would be awoken early. Yet with Sophie’s beaming smile, Joe’s somewhat brutal sarcasm and Jess’ excellent coffee making skills (lots of milk and one sweetener thanks) the mornings were more than bearable.

Bunny on my pillow:
Made of chocolate. A lovely Easter present from the B’s.
An actually bunny might have been better though…

Using the cool kid vocab:
For those of you unfamiliar with such terminology, ask Joe. He is surprisingly well versed in it all!
Totes, amaze, lits, cray cray, lolz etc etc.

Chanter (pronounced “shanter”) aka Chalet Banter
Nuff said.

And now to conclude, an Ode to the Bradshaw’s.

Bradshaw’s oh Bradshaw’s
What a pleasure it has been
Your lovely smiles by all should be seen
Much Chanter has been had
You could never make me sad
Let us be friends until we’re three hundred and seventeen.

Thanks so much Esther. It’s been awesome!