Illness vs Dad part 2!

This isn’t a “woe is me” blog.

In fact, although I have been off work this week (and off blogging!) the very furthest point I’m trying to get across is a request for sympathy.

It’s less than a month that I was last off licking my wounds. To be honest, I’d never properly recovered!

But anyway, I noticed particularly this week that my illness and Sophie’s smallness brought together a new and unique set of challenges for me.

For a start, she’s not been very well either!

From the moment she woke up screaming the place down on Saturday night at 5am before painting my friend’s kitchen a different colour, she hasn’t been right.

We had three nights of craziness, including for the first time having to run a bath at 4.30am to make sure she was clean and settled enough to go back to sleep!

When you’ve got a searing headache and troubling stomach movements (!), broken nights don’t go down too well.

Similarly, I’ve actually found it really hard to play with Sophie this week. Obviously I’ve been around her but, bereft of energy I’ve had a couple of minutes holding her before having to give her back. That made me feel pretty guilty.

It was also Sophie’s final swimming lesson this week which I missed. I’d been to all the others but while she was splashing around and being the demonstrator for the rest of the group (clever girl!), I was stuck at home watching Doctor Who and propping myself up with a pillow. Sorry Sophie!

It’s lucky that my wife hasn’t been unwell as she’s been able to carry on almost as normal, being amazing. Saying that, we were tucked up asleep twice before 9pm and it wasn’t easy for her, having two helpless characters to look after!

Fortunately, now I’m almost fighting fit and Sophie is happy, I can help out again. Can’t let the girls have it all their own way for too long now can I?


  1. You didn’t look ‘fighting fit’ this morning pal, however good to have you back! Although it would be me if I didn’t say ‘man up!’

    • Joe

      November 21, 2014 at 10:50 pm

      haha, i loved how you came into my classroom like you were wearing a swine flu mask or something! hope all is well at the liddell household this evening

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