It’s never much fun being ill. Whether you’re sneezing the walls down, coughing and spluttering or ejecting unwanted waste (nice!), the symptoms of your everyday sicknesses are really not great to go through.


Throw a child into the mix and the whole dynamic shifts.

So I came down with a sickness bug on Wednesday morning. It caught me completely by surprise when I was just about to head off for work and wiped me out for the next 36 hours. Yuck.


Now I’m lucky in one massive respect. At the moment, my wife is off on maternity leave and can provide some gratefully received TLC.

However, with Sophie’s needs being a far higher priority for both of us, being sick at home isn’t really that realistic an option.

There’s mountains of washing up to do, washing of clothes, tidying the house, sweeping up the leaves from the buggy. Don’t get me started on cleaning up the kitchen after her cheesy leek pasta!

My wife is so wonderfully servant-hearted and will do all this: all I can say is the queasy stomach feeling doesn’t exactly go away when faced with a half digested banana and salmoned rice cake.

It would also appear that there is some kind of infection spreading round our house. Sophie’s usually regular daily displays of digestion have become more frequent and more copious (I think you know what I’m getting at!) and she was really distressed overnight.

This isn’t our usual cheery little girl. And it’s typical that when we all desperately need our sleep to aid recovery time, her body will be giving her grief and causing upset noises throughout the night. Poor thing.

All this is happening and it’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow and we’ve got a special wedding to attend on Saturday. We really don’t want to be ill as a household.

Still, there is one plus side to having a small child when you’re ill. This was one of the cutest things “Sophie” has ever done for me.



Let’s hope she’s right!