Since Christmas, there’s been quite a bit of change in our house.

The advent of toys with a 2 year old age bracket attached to them has revolutionised play and made it all the more fun, for us and (hopefully!) for Sophie.

Take cars.

Last year, we got some really cool car keys with a whole host of interesting buttons and sounds for Sophie to press and explore. She loved picking them up and playing with them and, let’s be honest, they were highly useful at distracting her from stealing our keys and hiding them who knows where!

When she was learning to stand, we borrowed a car from our good friends which supported her and helped her move around. There was a button playing nursery rhymes and fairground style music – infuriatingly it once got stuck and it took an hour to turn it off, ahh! – and this gave her hours of entertainment. Once she could run around though, there was no further use for it.

Now, she has discovered little cars and a whole new type of fun has commenced.

My brother bought her a Toot Toot VTech slope which she enjoys flying her fire engine down and over the death defying jump at the end. It has different levels and can be built in the lounge so that it has maximum speed.

Yesterday, to add to the race car and fire engine she already has, her Happy Meal presented her with a wind-up Snoopy race car. It’s got a face on it – don’t all toy vehicles! – but she can wind it up and send it shooting across the room to great joy.

So much potential with toy cars

So much potential with toy cars

We invented a race today where I had a car, Sophie had one and so did my wife and we lined up. Sophie presented them to us very meticulously and with a very serious expression on her face. As the cars took their positions, Sophie was meant to count down to zero.

Instead she counted up to ten before launching her car across the room – well, she kind of dropped it! – and my wife and I set ours off with a desire to keep Sophie in the lead. Easier said than done to be honest as she couldn’t throw hers very far! It brought out a tremendous smile on her face though as we enthusiastically celebrated her comprehensive victory!!

We swapped cars with similar results as Sophie somehow took the chequered flag first even though her accelerating method needs a little bit of work!

And this play is just to do with cars. Can’t wait for the next layer of play! Test-driving a Ferrari with Sophie?? That could be fun…