A tricky situation has been recurring recently.

Sophie will head off to nursery equipped with everything she needs for the day. She’ll be looking swish, accessorised to the max and ready for chilling with her crew. So to speak.

But when I pick her up, amidst the carnage of all the children being collected, there’s often one thing that’s missing. And I don’t realise until I get home.

I’ve certainly learned more sympathy with those poor parents whose children lose jumpers/PE kits/trainers/pencil cases/their marbles (!) on a regular basis at the end of the school day!

It’s not something hugely expensive that’s gone missing. Perhaps one of her hair clips or a sock. But it’s how to deal with it that I find difficult.

I’m not a hoarder. Well, not as much as my wife claims anyway! I’m not quite of the inclination that I dwell on where the missing object might be, who it might be in the hands of and how it might be feeling about that…but I do get sad when things go missing.

It becomes a bit of a symbol and has memories attached to it, or is connected to a person and therefore it’s sad when it’s no longer around. That’s why it’s hard for me to throw things away – cards, objects etc. I will consider the feelings of the person who it’s associated with and feel sad for them.

Losing a hair clip at nursery may not sound much but our really good friends bought them for Sophie and I don’t like the fact we’ve not fully taken care of their present. Little girls lose hair clips all the time – they pull them out and try and feed them to their friends! – but that’s not the point!

And when it happens regularly, it can become quite tiresome.

I’ve since come to an arrangement with nursery that Sophie won’t wear little hair clips, partly to stop other children trying to choke on them but also partly to protect them so she can look really cute at home. I’ll be more hawkeyed when I actually pick her up to make sure everything is in her bag. Harder when I’ve not dropped her off in the morning but need’s must.

The result of this enforced hairclip ban? We’re going to have to revamp our hairstyles if she’s going to stay “down with the kids” and invest in some other hair accessories.

That will be a blog post all on its own!!!