Sophie experienced a touch of Gallic flair this afternoon – and she loved it.

Inspired by our friend Becs’s organisation of a local French festival, we went along to check it out. It’s fair to say Sophie was pretty enthralled by what she saw, smelt and heard.

When we arrived, I immediately checked out the crepe stand, clocking the chocolate and marshmallow flavoured crepe for later! We found our friends, tucked in the organisers’ tent with their two and a half year old and next to the lively musical entertainment.

Never one to lack for energy and enthusiasm, Becs was up and dancing with her little son to the variety of music on offer. Sophie was happily bundled out of her buggy and made an instant charge for the stage.

It was so great watching her toddle around on the big open space afforded by the park. At one point, she was transfixed by a peaceful dog who was also enjoying the French entertainment. She stood there for about ten minutes, pointing at it and muttering “d-d-d-d” under her breath. Cute!


Watching the musicians

At teatime, my wife had made her a cold pasta dish of tuna, sweetcorn and mayo. Clearly non-plussed by the Italian flavours on offer, she turned up her nose and refused to eat it. Pasta? At a French festival? Moi? We had to pacify her with an apple instead!

When the dancers got up, Sophie enjoyed watching the variety of dances, from Charleston to Ragtime to Blues. Her twisting, off-balance turning movements didn’t quite seem to fit, but at least she was having a great time!

We chanced our hand with our own food –  a ‘chicken brochetta’ (kebab with chargrilled chicken) and some ‘calamares’. Could Sophie be tempted? Well, the squid was predictably a bit chewy for her but she liked the taste of the chicken. Bit soon for wine though perhaps?! She did reach for my beer at one point though…

Having spotted it earlier, the creperie had to be done and sure enough this was a winner with Sophie. The combination of pancake, chocolate spread and marshmallows for some reason seemed to entice her. Funny that! She enjoyed the little bits so much that her chocolate spattered hands relished painting my wife’s T-shirt brown in appreciation.

It was approaching bedtime when we left and Sophie had had a great time. She’d tasted some food, enjoyed some music and even had probably her very first dance. We’re a family who loves France – we went there for our honeymoon. Who knows, maybe Sophie will be joining us there at some point very soon!