Three weeks in and we’re starting to feel like we’ve always had two children.

Harry has fitted in well and Sophie’s attitude towards him has remained remarkably positive. So proud of her for that.

One thing that has entertained and infuriated me in equal measure has been the little man’s sleeping sounds. It’s cute, but at 3am you’re rather he kept silent!

I mentioned when we had Sophie that Ewan the Dream Sheep had an almost hypnotic power to send her back to sleep when she got distressed. Naturally we’ve purchased one for Harry – with a grey face. It’s a bit more boyish than a purple face! – and are relying on him once again.

Ewan gets to be in the bed Harry isn’t big enough for yet

So, twenty minutes of Ewan is fairly relaxing. A soft tranquil singing sound. You have to look past the fact it’s a sheep singing to you and maybe you’ll fall asleep.

That is of course if you can shut out the snuffling squeaks that emanate from his Moses basket. You spend half your time wondering if they are satisfied little milk snuffles that are buried deep within his sleep or if they’re a precursor to him waking up and announcing he wants food.

In fairness, they can be quite comforting when you want to check he’s OK.

When he does wake up though, you certainly know about it. Squeaks progress rapidly into whimpers until fully-fledged cries shatter your precious sleep and bring you back to reality with a bump. My amazing wife duly wakes up, gets ready to feed him and his frustrated moans are replaced by satisfied gurgles as he downs his milk.

That can be a bit unnerving though if you wake up in the strange half-light of pre-dawn to a gulping baby lying next to you blasting through yet more milk and contemplating, if only very loosely, going back to sleep.

With that as well comes the eerie blue light from my wife’s phone as she orders yet more Christmas presents from Hong Kong at half four in the morning!

I spoke to someone today who said that after about two weeks a newborn has a change from a beautifully cute and settled child to one whose growing and constant need for food can create a toxic atmosphere, particularly when combined with your own sleeplessness.

And, I guess, with Harry’s growing reluctance to sleep for any longer than a couple of hours in his Moses basket overnight, this could be a big problem for us.

Harry’s bed – he’s a bit suspicious of it

However, we are so delighted to have him, he brings us such great joy and he’s very cute that I can forgive him for these things. (At least while my wonderful wife is doing most of the legwork overnight anyway!).

I wake up, check everything’s OK and roll over again. You’d have to ask her for her thoughts on that…!