Today’s the day. Lucy and Dave are getting hitched.

If yesterday’s post was the origins, this is the sequel. What crazy stuff have we been up to since 2011? Read on to find out!

Our enjoyment of dinner parties led us into the world of Come Dine With Me with Lucy and Dave bravely opting to go first. Bravely? Or safely? Their terrific hosting – including homemade Mojitos from the cocktail bartender Dave – went down well and there was even a game of ImaginIff to keep their guests happy. However, if we’d known just how harsh Dave would be when he was judging – so what, if we didn’t have port at ours?! – our grades may have changed!


Lucy and Dave were extremely supportive of us during our unwanted sabbatical in Grantham. They came to visit us for Jess’ birthday (involving much derision of X Factor!), stopped in at ours on their way home down the A1 and were just awesome in letting us stay over. I think to be fair our sleep ins at theirs topped anywhere else! Now with Sophie such a lie in is a distant dream of a bygone era!

However, the undoubted highlight of that year was our trip to Bansko, Bulgaria for skiing. The venue was tracked down by Dave’s eagle eye for a bargain – almost enough to forgive him for a horrendous practical joke involving making us believe they had broken down on the motorway in the middle of the night. Grrr. Here’s us looking surprisingly fresh at 5am!


When we got to Bansko and arrived at our apartment, Matt moment no 1 of the holiday was probably the funniest of the whole week. I’d noticed the bathroom door was sticking a bit when I went in to freshen up so warned everyone. Typical bloke stylee, Matt didn’t heed my advice. Cue the next half an hour of us desperately trying to free him from his toilety prison as this photo aptly demonstrates.


We hit the slopes and Dave was in my group for skiing having been once before. Lucy and Mike were designated beginners with instructor Lydia, while we were led by the inspirational Miro. Dave was an uncomplicated skier,  got the job done in unfussy and clinical fashion, with me, Matt and Sophie seeking to do slightly dafter things.


Food was pooled and we all pitched in to make it work. On the Sunday, we sampled a local restaurant in the admittedly rather dead resort (it was April after all). Highlights of that included eleven people going “Dave-Dave-Dave-Dave-Dave-Dave-Dave…N&*”^£^=!l” at the top of their voices while bemused Bulgarian waitresses looked on in amazement.

There were some interesting meals served up. Cold shepherd pie one night to satisfy the bizarre demands of one of our party. And Dave wasn’t too impressed with what was on offer here.


The “onesie” punishment was taken by Matt and Rick for dosy comments on the previous days. Lucy, however, quite liked it as it was warm, snug and fitted comfortably!


Don’t mistake the laughter on this photo for pure unadulterated fun however, With Mafia one of the games on offer in the evening’s entertainment, we ran into a little bit of trouble with Lucy’s fury at the array of rules presented to her. Better not mention to her about Werewolf Mafia, Mike. Although in saying that, she was the one who ended up playing Mafia on stage at Edinburgh Festival in a later year. So there you go!

Sadly, Dave hurt his knee and was unable to participate in the final few days of skiing. He did get to enjoy a gondola ride with Spongebob Squarepants though so it wasn’t too bad a pay-off.


NB: This isn’t Spongebob Squarepants with Dave

Shortly after skiing, we moved away and back up north, leaving Lucy and Dave and the rest of the crew back in the Midlands. Our Come Dine with Me was a success; everyone piled into our house, up the red carpet and secured themselves awards for all sorts of random achievements. Christmas Dinner also continued – this time at Lucy and Dave’s flat with the amazing hot  trolley and a queuing system of food which put most Toby Carvery’s to shame.

We ended up  playing games and doing Secret Santa. Dave has a magnetic way of securing the wearable presents. He loves it. Here though, he seems to be wrestling with a celebrity name in an Articulate style game. “How to describe Harry Potter?”

Picture (16)

Then, they moved to their own house and Dave got to flex his DIY muscles in some style. He and Lucy tore apart what they bought and produced something really lovely. They’ve certainly kept their spirit of hospitality and warmth and now have a place big enough to entertain lots of people. Thanks guys! I’m sure you’ll be hosting many more parties once you’ve tied the knot!

In celebration of the new house, they did the next Christmas dinner as well. Mike’s double-flavoured sprouts were an issue, yet the meal itself was amazing. With Jess heavily pregnant and Louise and Tom bringing little Benji along, it did feel a bit like we were growing up. Only in life circumstances though. Young at heart still of course!

After Sophie was born, Lucy and Dave came up to visit and then we had a Gammy Knees tournament to enjoy last September. Dave was his usual dependable self at the back and was even required in goal when our immobile injured Mike finally realised he couldn’t do it! No spoilers – there’ll be a blog post for this coming soon!

Football Tournament

A cracking evening later and then it was another Christmas at Milze’s. The Turducken year. Woah. Whoever comes next has got a very difficult act to follow!

Back in April, we had an evening at Lucy and Dave’s by the BBQ in the rain back in April. Grilled haloumi went down an absolute treat as did a fluky Morecambe victory on FIFA over Dave. He normally smashes me! Sophie handled it brilliantly, until 6.15am the following morning when Jess and I were walking around the local area so she didn’t disturb the whole house!

Picture (17)

In the sunshine with the crew

Finally, the stag in Munich. What happens in Munich stays in Munich but it’s safe to say Dave won’t be going on any beer tours hosted by angry American guides anytime soon. He is however now a proven River Dancer and can do the worm to a high standard! It would be good to see these on offer at the wedding!

So good luck to Lucy and Dave. A terrific couple. A wonderful day. An exciting future. We look forward to coming along on the ride with you as you enter this brand new chapter of your life. Enjoy the amazing celebrations and we’ll see you on the other side. Lots of love, Joe, Jess & Sophie.