On Saturday, two of our best friends Dave and Lucy will tie the knot in a big celebration down in Cambridgeshire.

It’s virtually ten years to the day since I first met Lucy and it’s been a joy knowing her since. Dave strolled into our lives in 2009 when he moved up to Nottingham and what a top bloke he is. Having shared so many great experiences over the years, it’s a wedding I am really excited about taking part in.

So, in tribute to Lucy and Dave, this post looks back at some of our shared history!

I first met Lucy when she lived next to my good friend Rick at university. I went to visit him on his second day and she bounced in, huge smile on her face and full of life and happiness. She was more than happy to meet “another Rick” (I know I wouldn’t have been!) and instantly we got on well.

Until she stole Minstrels, Maltesers and all other types of snack when watching films that was!

Here’s an early picture of me and Lucy. Excuse the red face – Ocean is not a cool place to party in! (In so many ways!)

Picture (1)
My birthday party signaled the end of my time at university – seems so long ago now! Lucy and the extended Raleigh crew came along to the JB themed event. It was just an excuse for me to dress up as James Bond to be honest. This is her and Amy dressed as jailbirds. Apparently, they just had the costumes already!


I disappeared back up north for a year but on my return to Nottingham, I’d been together with Jess for a decent chunk of time and it was safe to introduce her properly to some of the wider crew. Well, to be honest, it was probably always safe to introduce her to Lucy; some of the others are a bit more controversial.

Anyhow, a new tradition was born – December 2008. That of the Christmas dinner. Hosted at Rick and Matt’s, Lucy was the real chef and, barring an unfortunate incident with the giblets (!) – or was that 2009? – it was a tremendous meal. Only six of us were there then – and one disappeared shortly after- but the tradition lives on. Lucy and Jess got on famously and a new friendship was established.


There was still a significant part of Lucy’s life missing from the East Midlands scene though. He’d been a mystery man as long as I’d known her.  Dave. Lucy’s boyfriend from back home. They clearly had something special, but I’d never had the privilege of meeting him.

Until the summer of 2009 that is, when he arrived on the scene. I’d just returned from some travelling to discover he’d bravely taken the plunge and joined Lucy in Nottingham. We met for a meal at the Rose n Crown, 2 meals for £8. it was clear he was a top bloke. Unassuming. Cool. Friendly. He would fit in well.

Even more bravely, he joined the Gammy Knees and became the bedrock of our defence. He established himself as a key member of not only the (occasionally successful) football team but within our Nottingham friendship group.

The photo below was taken just after Lucy and Dave returned from an amazing trip to America. Look at that jawline! If that doesn’t scream All American Action Hero, I don’t know what does!


After Jess and I got married, we became one of four couples in Nottingham. OK, Rick and Matt weren’t strictly a couple, but they certainly bickered a lot and shared the household jobs out! We had a housewarming party – the one with the “worst German ever” – and hosted Christmas dinner (with no power!). The Christmas dinner tradition was ramping up, as these Secret Santa presents show.


Speaking of Christmas, Dave and I spent a great Christmas Eve that year filling our faces with pizza and our minds with FIFA round at his, while our respective partners got on with their everyday business of saving lives at the QMC. As you do. New Year was also  really memorable. Chinese Lanterns and Latvia traditions at Mike and Ilze’s. RIck dressed as a shopping bag? Don’t ask…

But with 2010 ending, what did the future hold for us with Lucy and Dave? What about the last five years?

Find out if it got even better in tomorrow’s post!