Memories of a former home

On Thursday my wife and I dumped all our worldly possessions on the back of a removal van and headed off for pastures new, waving goodbye to the four walls we had previously called home.

This was nothing we hadn’t experienced before.

Since we got married almost six (SIX?!) years we’ve moved 5 times so we’re quite used to cutting our things and going.

This time was a bit different though.

Our house had gathered with it a phenomenal amount of lifelong memories – ones which quite naturally flashed before our eyes as we loaded up two days ago.

I’d like to share a few in a three-part blog.

1. Becoming homeowners
7 December 2012. It was a very special day for us as we picked up keys to a house that we owned. No more reliance on benevolent (or otherwise!) landlords to sort our issues out.

It was all on us!


The paints were ready to go (although the wall and fireplace were already done at this point!)

We gave redecorating a really good go – with the help of expert family members! – and our only real disaster was painting a ceiling and finding the following day that the whole plaster had completely fallen down!

I guess that’s house owning!


Excuse the blurryness…we thought it was cosy!

2. Hosting football matches

We were able to play host for a number of high profile games during our time there with a few highlights.

First of all, back when Manchester United were quite good (!), they took on Real Madrid in the champions league. This was a night when my mate Rick got the bus from town and was about half an hour late for kickoff. As I went to collect him, football guys Jess had never met were turning up at ours and she was willingly inviting them in. Good job they weren’t completely strange men!

Sadly for United fans, Nanis red card signalled the end of an era!

Or last season’s El Clasico when a group of Church guys came over to watch Barca v Real. Sophie was happily fast asleep upstairs…or at least she was until the raucous laughter of the guys distressed her so much that she couldn’t sleep until an hour after they’d gone!

Then there’s the Champs League final from last year, when Matt overdosed us on Costco Chicken Dippers. Amazing at the time, my stomach was still recovering three days later!

3. Parties

While living there, we were fortunate enough to host different events and gatherings which have been really enjoyable. For instance, shortly after moving in we had a housewarming party which ran in three different stages from late Saturday afternoon. First, the children’s hour, marked by lots of kids running round eating tortilla chips! Then, we met our neighbours for the first time and some of our Nottingham friends arrived. Finally, we had great friends Lucia and Liam come over after being out for dinner first! It was great!

Other highlights include a Make Your Own Pasta party, where Mike and Ilze whipped up a culinary storm.


The best pasta ever


Or last year’s Christmas Dinner (where everyone wore a Christmas jumper grrr! Click the link to relive my fury on this!)


Also, our house gave us the opportunity to host Christianity Explored and introduce the gospel to a really diverse group of people. It was wonderful to share hospitality and the good news of Jesus with people from England, Australia, Poland and elsewhere round our dinner table and in our lounge. Something we’d love to get back into at some point.

Coming up tomorrow…

The arrival of a small human being turned our house upside down…

Some ridiculous DIY involving our Church Minister

and finding out if our fingers actually did have any hint of green hidden within them…!

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  1. Hope you are settling in well in your new home .Your mum and dad I believe are looking after Sophie good for them .Take care and your writing is from us all here and a Happy Easter xx

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