Memories of a former house final part

It’s been a week now since we left our old house and we do absolutely love our new place (more on that in a future blog post!)

As we nudge over that milestone though, I wanted to wrap up the memories’ posts with a few thoughts on the most important thing that happened while we were leaving in our previous home.

Something that as you know is very close to my heart – the arrival of our little girl.

They say a baby changes everything. – they got that one right!

Sophie’s arrival, whilst not exactly a bolt out of the blue (we’d been expecting her for a few months!), was two weeks early and rudely interrupted our plans for one last night out as just the two of us.

Instead of heading out into town suited and booted, I was taking my wife back and forth from the hospital, working out if this really was labour – it was! – and then holding out until she could be admitted back in for the delivery.

When we left the house at 10pm that Monday night, we thought we’d be in hospital for one night, two tops. Our little child would be coming home with us to our house (their house!) very soon.

Well, one week later, with my wife still stuck in hospital and me having had to return home alone every night for a week, we were a bit fed up with the situation!

Finally, on Tuesday 18th March 2014, they let us off the ward with our little girl and we headed home for the first time as a three. I distinctly remember walking in with Sophie, placing the car seat down ever so carefully in the middle of our living room floor and turning to my wife with a half-dazed look of “So, what do we do now?!”

How special though, to carry your child into your house for the first time. We’d brought another person who would share the four walls with us.

And what a great time she had there. It was where she learned to sit, to roll, to eat, to bum-shuffle, to crawl, to walk, to talk, to sing, to play, to laugh, to dance…the list is endless. All happened under that roof in a quiet corner of a quiet suburb of this city. It’s special and the memories will be treasured forever.

Now though, with that little bit of extra space we all craved, Sophie is loving the new home. She can charge around more freely and has space to get out all her toys and go a bit more wild.  And we’re going to all enjoy that to the max.

Alongside it though, of course there will always be a part of me that remembers Sophie’s first home with a huge amount of fondness.

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  1. Jennifer McLean

    April 2, 2016 at 3:15 am

    You are a masterful writer Joe. I enjoy every word and feel your love in my heart. I also know that your quite a character and adore your sense of humour. I wonder where or from whom you get that from. I hope to see you and your beautiful family again soon, ( Don’t tell Dad) . Xxx👋🏻😘

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