Yesterday’s post gave a snapshot of some of our best memories with this fantastic couple.

Hope you enjoy part 2!

It should be pointed out that the constant reference to Ilze skiing to the shops in her native country is clearly not based on fact and should be eradicated from our conversations. (I blame Rick)

Equally the wedding will be fascinating because the two of them are very chilled out and relaxed about everything which is a wonderful quality.

Our fixation on time doesn’t seem to affect them at all; one particular time I remember was joining them for an evening weekend in Kettering, we rocked up about 6 to theirs and the wedding was an hour away. The evening reception didn’t start till half seven and we were eating first.

After a beautiful piece of salmon, they started getting ready to go, carefully, precisely and with no worry about time.

We left for the wedding about quarter past 8 and then had to take a crazy detour due to problems on the motorway. We reached the wedding about 9.45! But it didn’t matter at all!

Looking forward to the timetable this weekend.

It should also be pointed out their incredible faithfulness in coming north since we left Nottingham. I don’t think they’ve ever turned down an invitation and will always be there for us which is a wonderful testament to them.

Dinners, house warming parties, just an evening in. They are with us in all of them and we love it. They brought am extra dimension to our Come Dine With Me offering with their Latvian photographers!

Through them we’ve discovered Carcassone, Mapominoes, Backpacker (although I’m less keen!), Ultimate Werewolf and a whole raft of games and riddles. My poor classes have been inflicted with these ever since!

I mentioned skiing earlier and our holiday with Mike and Ilz and the rest of the crew was amazing. We rocked up in sleepy Bansko, Bulgaria and proceeded to take on the slopes. Mike escaped the clutches of Lydia his ski instructor (he tried to anyway) but ended up attracting the relentless attentions of a five year old! Good practice for hanging out with his future sister in law who apparently also is quite fond of him.

Meanwhile Ilz was using her supreme skills to carve up the slopes and do human snow ploughs, just because she could. Nice.

A tremendous holiday. Let’s do it again sometime soon? (Mike, Sophie is growing up fast so she will happily take skiing lessons off you very soon!)

We’ve watched the Olympics together,

dodged murder at the hands of Mike’s potent Brian Sewer, watched a World Record being set, won football competitions (and lost them horribly, all while Mike sported a bandana, tights and a captains armband!) but most of all, we’ve had a huge amount of fun and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Mike and Ilze you have been and are really special friends to Jess, Sophie and I. May God bless you as you get married. May he guide your steps and watch your paths.

And I can’t wait to see what things we get up to in the future with the Skujina-Hongs/ Skujongs/ Honjinas…?