So Sophie is now an actress.

Well, not exactly, but she has performed in front of people and received a round of applause. I think she even bowed although that may have had more to do with sheer unsteadiness on her feet!

That’s because Grace Church‘s Carol Service took place on Sunday and the children created a lovely nativity play for us to enjoy. And Sophie somehow managed to get involved!

Nativities have become a vital part of the Christmas fabric – like presents, trees and decorations only with a much more important message to tell. The real reason for the season? Often, we only encounter it in infant retellings of one of the most famous stories in history.


Nevertheless, at just nine months, it was Sophie’s turn to be involved. We weren’t exactly beaming, proud parents. In fact, we hadn’t even realised that she was meant to be part of it so, instead of dressing her in appropriate costume, we decorated her in her ridiculously cute, but totally unperiod (!) Christmas Tree dress. Some angel.

In order to get her to “fit in” with the other pearly white angels, we dumped some silver tinsel on her head and sent her to the front with the rest of them. Hark the Herald Angels sing? Well, she certainly belted out some notes, although I’m not quite sure who she was praising!

It was wonderful to see the many children we are blessed with at our church get chance to act out the story. There were the tea-towelled shepherds, a doll pretending to be baby Jesus and at least one child forgot the words.

But I hope that everyone who saw it was able to see what it pointed to. Even Sophie, in her own tiny way, perhaps experienced something of the love of God which the story points to. That, by humbling himself to become a tiny fragile baby, God began the most important series of events in history.

And so it doesn’t matter if Sophie was an angel, Mary or the front end of a camel. In fact, she needn’t have been in at all. Jesus is the star of this story and may that continue to be the case, this Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!