Rovers have been busy in the transfer market today, securing a double deal of Premier League cast-offs.

The performances had got progressively worse – saying something! – and they are slipping dangerously close to the bottom three.

With that appalling run of no wins in six and only one goal scored (before the FA Cup on Monday) something had to give.

And besides, with Paul Lambert getting his first chance to change the outlook of the squad, the stakes are high to try and turn around Rovers’ form.

So who has joined so far?

A host of former Paul Lambert players to be honest!

Elliot Bennett has made an average enough start – he’s quick but I find it interesting he was the one pulled when it got tough on Monday.

Simeon Jackson is your classic lower league journeyman striker. A pure stopgap and, much like Luke Varney a couple of years ago, I can’t see him offering very much to Rovers’ forward line.

Elliott Ward helps double our number of Elliotts (!) and should offer cover at centre back. I’m a bit sad no place was found for Doneil Henry though. His much anticipated return on loan really didn’t work out for some reason.

Finally, Danny Graham has come. “A street-fighter.” “A Premier League goalscorer.” Well, he did play well for Swansea the season they went up, I’ll give him that. However, since then he’s been far more notable for the number of games he goes without scoring. Chris Brown already does a pretty good job in that department for Rovers! The jury is most definitely out.


So we wait to see if the latest additions make a difference. What is clear is that there needs to be a significant change and Rovers must start picking up points.

Kicking off with Charlton away on Saturday. Fingers most definitely crossed.