On the eve of a new job

It’s a month into the new school term and I’m preparing to start a brand new job tomorrow.

As many of you know, that’s not in the system I’ve dedicated myself to for the past eight years.

A new dawn rises and I’m excited.

If I’m honest, I’ve felt incredibly blessed since leaving school at the end of July.

I was offered a month’s work on the BBC Sport Live Team which I’d been a freelancer for in the past. That was awesome as it got me into the building, working and being part of the buzz of the place and enjoying what I was doing.

There was definite variety as well – TV gallery work for eSports (watching other people play Street Fighter and Counter Strike was very different), making sure County Cricket sides had their commentaries coming through the website and scouring results and fixtures pages for inaccuracies just some of the elements of the job.

Tomorrow, I take on a new role outside of sport which is very different and promises to be really interesting. What a privilege and responsibility to be involved in working with all the BBC output and curating what is displayed on the organisation’s front page.

It’ll be fast-paced, hugely varied and broad. Can’t wait to get involved and join the friendly and talented team.

Yes, it’s only three months. Gone for now are the permanent contract days and the security that undoubtedly comes with it.

On one of my last blog posts, someone had a playful dig about teacher holidays – not getting into that old debate at the moment – and sure they were way more than most workers get.

However, already I’ve discovered the freedom that comes with choosing my own free time. Means I can go to a friend’s wedding on a Friday in November rather than having to lose a day’s pay, like I had to when operating as best man for my best mate back when I was teaching.

It means I can be at my dad’s landmark birthday party in mid-December and go to watch live sport in the middle of the week.

My wife and I found ourselves in the most bizarre situation last week where we were both off and our children were at their childcare providers. OK, so it’s not all positive – we ended up shopping – but it was a surreal and very welcome day out.

And so, as I prepare for a new job and fresh start tomorrow, I’m brimming with excitement and feel privileged and well looked after by God to have this opportunity.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Oh and for anyone who read my What I’ll miss about teaching post, you’ll be relieved to hear I’ve found a new outlet for guitar playing and fully enjoyed rattling off some songs for the kids club at church today. Long live the music.)


  1. Good luck and enjoy, Joe. Well deserved xx

  2. Well done Joe and Congratulations in your new job ,do hope all your family are keeping well .lol M M x x

  3. Sounds fab. Well done for having the bottle to get out when you could. Feeling jealous! ! Janet

  4. Good luck with everything. Looking forward to hearing how it goes xx

  5. All the best
    I’m not sure if we can mention your real name here 😊 but you are always in our hearts and our memories as the best teacher ever
    Good luck
    We miss you

  6. All the very best to you, you amazing person you”!

  7. What will you be doing for the next three months, editing the website or posting articles of your own? Would love to follow your progress for the kids you taught.

    • Joe

      October 3, 2017 at 9:01 pm

      Mainly editing and curating articles for the website. Bits on iPlayer too. Thanks Nim – I’ll be keeping this updated too with what’s going on. Hope J is enjoying being top of the school!

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