There’s no use hiding it.

It happened. It definitely happened.

Our baby girl took a bit of a bump to the face the other day and ended up with a massive bruise.

Not only that, but it was totally preventable.

There she was, happily playing with the stacking cups and showing off her “good sitting” (that’s the teacher in me) when suddenly disaster struck.

She plummetted down to the side, in almost comical fashion, before whacking her face on the side of one of the cups. In the blink of an eye, our playful giggling daughter had been transformed into an ear-piercing siren of anguish and distress.

And she was utterly inconsolable.

Totally unsure about how to deal with this shocking and unprecedented pain, she screeched the house down and my wife had to cuddle her for ages to still her cries to anything close to a whimper.

Poor thing.

Who'd have thought these could be so brutally dangerous?

Who’d have thought these could be so brutally dangerous?

The worst thing about it? The bruise sticks out like a badge of poor parenting in the middle of her cheek. When she smiles, it only accentuates the devastating bash she took as the scars of our failings are visible.

But what could we do? We can’t be there to catch her every second of every day. She will experience the pain of bumps and bruises and she’ll learn to manage them. She will face times where she is distressed and will understand certain decisions she makes are harmful. And as she grows up, these choices will become more and more important as opposed to which stacking cup to bump into!

After all, we live in a broken and difficult world where things are messed  up. We totally trust that God will sort it out and put an end to pain and suffering one day but at the moment, it’s just part of life.

Revelation 21:4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes.There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain.’ 

So please don’t call Childline. We’re trying our best. And she’s happy. Honestly!