In my time as a teacher, I’ve done my fair share of Parents Evenings. Lots of talk about (hopefully) achieving children who are well behaved and making good progress.

A few pointers about how parents can help at home and that’s usually the end of the meeting.

When it came to Sophie’s first Parents Evening at nursery, I was suddenly catapulted onto the other side of the desk…and it felt rather different!

I guess technically it wasn’t a Parents Evening seeing as my wife and I arrived at 9.30am to meet with her key worker. And it wasn’t exactly as formal as a school parent-teacher meeting might be…taking place surrounded by baby toys, cute pictures of nursery children having fun and teddies scattered across the floor.

Saying that, my classroom does occasionally look like it’s been attacked by a platoon of two year olds so maybe the parallels are slightly more than I realised!

Terrifying approach...

Terrifying entrance into the classroom awaited us…

The meeting was slightly surreal as Sophie was toddling around from person to person, grabbing onto knees and interjecting with her own phrases, ” Bye Bye” “woof” and “fiiish”!

My approach to the meeting was to be quite laidback and excited about everything Sophie was doing. I didn’t want to be asking too many questions or pushing too hard. Not my style!

It was lovely to find out what she was up to though. At the beginning of her time at nursery we were given a few photographs of her during the day and some of her artwork to take home as souvenirs. After we’d been there a little while though, these unfortunately dried up and so getting to peruse her folder was a great experience.

Looks like she’s enjoying herself! (which, bearing in mind my original feelings about nursery is a real positive for me).

Her key worker has been fantastic with her, encouraging her with her communication and physical development as well as singing songs, playing games and generally looking after her really well. She’s been really open with us too and kept us abreast of everything that’s going on.

During the meeting we had to have “the chat” about progress – apparently Sophie’s is where it should be ie in the 8-20 months bracket – but it wasn’t overly pushed. I was very relieved about this – I really don’t want Sophie on the school treadmill too early!

So, satisfied that’s she happy and doing OK, the meeting finished informally with a smile, a handshake and a guarantee of her moving up to the next age group. New key worker, sadly, but the chance to reunite with friends who she used to be with on Baby 1 promises to be really exciting!

Enjoy, Sophie!