So, my chances of leaving on the motorhome with the others were in ruins.

But we did have a backup plan up our sleeve.

I went to bed on the 20th July worrying about it, but also desperately hoping we could make it work.

I woke up bright and early, nervous but ready to sort out my problem. The motorhome had passed by Leyland on the M6 even earlier so that ship had well and truly sailed. Back up plan was to be put in motion. Pronto.

First stop, the post office to get some new passport photos. Hardly the most glamorous photos – although let’s face it, they’re never particularly flattering! – but that didn’t matter. I just needed them! On then to church to get our vicar to sign the back of them. Figures in authority authenticating photographs? Apparently, I now fit that category myself!

From there, we raced to Liverpool to visit the Passport and Visas office. I could get a same-day passport issued – it would just cost £90! Still, if the plan was to work, I really needed a passport!


The queue was quite large and we worried about facing disappointment, particularly with a four hour wait and it closing at 3.30pm. We reached the front of the queue at 11am. It would certainly be tight.

They processed my application and my mum and I began to check out my options if I did manage to get a passport. Apparently, there was a flight the following day from Manchester to Copenhagen in the morning and my girlfriend’s family would be driving virtually past the door of Copenhagen Airport on their way to the amazing Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden.

What a spectacular sight

Øresund Bridge – what a spectacular sight

I’d never been on a plane before as I mentioned yesterday, but I’d just have to go with it.

After killing time in Liverpool for a few hours (who’d have thought I’d have ended up having my wedding reception two minutes round the corner from the Passport Office!), we’d secured the passport. Hurray! Apparently it expires on 21 July 2015 – That date is ages away I thought to myself!

Now, Dad back home was on call and fully prepped to book me onto the flight. Would they still have spaces?

Yes! It was all working out.  While the motorhome was wending its way across the northern coast of mainland Europe, I would fly over about 10am to Denmark, arrive at 12.30pm and then have a leisurely lunch and four hours to kill before they picked me up.

What a result!

My wallet was “only” £250 lighter as well. Slightly less of a result!

I rang this through to the family who were picking me up and, whilst still shaking their heads with frustration at my idiocy, they seemed pleased that I’d make it and happy to take the very slight detour to Copenhagen Airport to collect me.

I would even have a brand new Harry Potter book (The Half-Blood Prince) to read in the airport while I waited!

Now, all I had to do was survive my first ever plane ride and the summer holiday I’d been looking forward to could finally start!

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