Picnic in the Park

We’re heading off into the sunshine for a picnic – can’t wait.

The most important accessories are packed, the food is cooked and prepared… we’re ready to go! (Just got to wait for Sophie to wake up!)


We’ve got previous with these picnics.

Two years ago on Bank Holiday Monday, we went to a vast local park when Sophie was a mere two months old. Hoodwinked by the prospect of great weather, we had everything sorted out and went to pick up our really good friends Rick and Sarah.

We pushed Sophie around looking for an ideal food spot away from the crowds (it was Bank Holiday after all).

We eventually found a spot within a stone’s throw of a pretty lake and presumably sheltered by the grove of trees surrounding it. Taking out all the food, we set up for the afternoon, sprawled on the picnic rugs and excited by the spread in front of us.

Little did we know.

Turns out that the “shelter” we thought we had secured was actually a very effective windtrap, information we discovered as bread, crisps and assorted other goodies were sent spiralling out of our grasp.

With Sophie distressed by the wind, we hastily packed up and relocated, trying to bundle a buggy over the bumpy grassy terrain towards a path back to civilisation.


We ended up finishing the picnic in our living room back home.

Not 100% successful!

Last year’s Bank Holiday picnic turned out to be a more fruitful experience. This time we decamped further south in our area to another impressive park.

The only problem this time was that the whole city appeared to have the same idea!

Glorious sunshine meant gallons of picnickers and it was an 1 hour long queue just to get into the car park.

Nevertheless, once in we found a terrific spot, set up camp and then were joined by some more friends to expand the picnic. It was great.

The afternoon even ended up with an epic game of Headers and Volleys – classic -, trying desperately not to hit the poor family who chose to picnic only a short distance away from the two trees we’d picked for goalposts.

Sophie was quite happy, going up and down the hill with Mummy to investigate the stately home at the top and shying away from the hugely popular (and rather older aged-aimed) playpark.

Who knows what this afternoon will bring?

The sun is shining. Sophie is in the mood for charging around and we’ve got lots of food.

It’s promising.


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