Rebecca Jeffery for The Apprentice 2016

This blog owes a great debt to Apprentice candidate Rebecca Jeffery.

Indeed, if it wasn’t for her foresight two and a half years ago in helping me get going, it may well have not happened at all!

It is with huge anticipation that I look ahead to watching her flash her business skills to a watching world on this series of The Apprentice.

And I hope you all enjoy her performance too.

Back in April 2014, six weeks after the birth of Sophie, I was a sleep-deprived wreck, keen to find any way of unleashing my writing on a poor unsuspecting world, but totally unsure how to go about it.

Rebecca – as her BBC name clearly is! – one half of Altrincham’s best business couple (more on her husband later!), saw my need and directed me initially to blogging for Geuther, a furniture company her design and advertising agency were supporting.

Within weeks of doing that, I’d discovered a taste for it and was back knocking at her door for advice on setting up my own brand – hence, Daddy Joe Blogs was born.

With a bit of help from her partner-in-crime, sister Fi, I had a logo and a theme and my writing was good to go.

Ever since then, she has been an invaluable source of advice, time and ideas – not least in letting me do some freelance work for her to build a portfolio of skills and evidence.

She is one of the brightest, bubbliest and creative people I know. Full of energy and enthusiasm for everything, she has a story for all occasions too. Don’t forget to ask her about the time she saved a baby’s life just through watching out of her front window!

She also loves her pets too!

She also loves her pets too!

Originally, we got to know her through my university friendship with her husband. He is an astute businessman in his own right, determined, no doubt slightly ruthless (!) but also doubtless extremely effective. His dry sense of humour, competitive nature and flair for numbers and negotiation mean he complements his wife perfectly.

When we first met Becs (I can’t handle the formality), she was a bundle of excitement, bouncing around her front room with infectious warmth and happiness. She was seven months pregnant at the time and yet couldn’t do enough for us as her guests.

A firm friendship was born.

Since then, it’s been a joy to watch her business flourish alongside hers and Ben’s parenting. They’ve made sacrifices for each other and for their family and seem to have reached a great balance.

When I found out she was on The Apprentice, I was beyond excited. The Meet the Candidates teaser of her shoving a fist inside her mouth and experimenting with being quiet? Merely a taste of what’s to come!

Her persona seems to be about being nice in business. Well, as one of the nicest people I know, I hope she proves it and sails off to victory.

Good luck Rebecca Jeffery – we’re all rooting for you.


  1. Lucy McElhinney

    October 6, 2016 at 8:07 pm

    Lovely words! She is indeed one of the loveliest humans I know and I can’t wait to see her fighting the business world with niceness and giddy enthusiasm! Go Becs!!!!!

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