As a Dad, it’s a great privilege to get asked from time to time to review some of the latest books available for parents and parents-to-be.

This month, I’ve taken a look at Baby Comes Home by Dr Paul Roumeliotis which is a guide for new parents to the first eighteen months of their new baby’s life.

With Sophie just crossing over that threshold, it may not be as helpful to me as it would have been back in March 2014; however, I’m in a pretty knowledgeable place to check out its content!

Baby Comes Home

Baby Comes Home

Dr Paul is a paediatrician of huge experience who shares his wealth of knowledge with new parents throughout this fully comprehensive book. Baby Comes Home is pitched at those parents – most of us! – who really don’t have any idea what they’re doing when their child enters the world and need advice on everything from nappy changes to happy babies.

With Dr Paul’s book, if you’ve got a question, you can be sure he’ll answer it!

If taken at face value, the book can read somewhat like an instruction manual, completely stacked with advice, hints and tips to help ensure your child is fit and healthy. Naturally, there is a huge section on common medical conditions which your baby may develop and tons of helpful information to help the parent make wise choices.

If you read it like this though and try to learn it all, it will be impossible to take in. There’s just too much here!

Rather though, if you read it as I presume it’s meant to be written, a helpful guide to dip in and out of as needed, then it’s a treasure trove of wisdom and experience from a doctor who clearly knows an awful lot about the early moments in a baby’s life.

He understands what the parent is feeling but strips away the emotion to make it clear and accessible. If you’re worrying about baby-proofing your house, he’s got advice on it. If you’re unsure about rashes or spots on your baby’s skin, you can find out what to do. If you have anxiety regarding developmental milestones, he’s got it covered.

Just use the handy Contents and Index page and you’ll soon be clued up.

He also backs up his points with understandable research and emphasises the need for due love and care throughout the baby’s formative weeks and months. It’s in some ways an obvious and totally natural point but it’s helpful and interesting to learn of the science behind the benefits of taking amazing care of your baby!

In summary then, Dr Paul’s book is an epic manual for how to help your child grow safe, well and happy. Use it as you need and it will be invaluable.