Review: The Single Dad Detour

Tez Brooks’ The Single Dad Detour follows the epic and yet all-too-common journey of a father working hard to look after his children in the context of a broken relationship. His struggles are viewed through the lenses of his strong Christian faith which has given him handy signposts to help him along the way.

Through this book, his desire is to offer a practical and biblical perspective on fatherhood, not as a stringent instruction manual but more as a framework for evaluating and changing aspects in our own parenting.

And, even though my situation is different to his, I still found it immensely helpful.

His advice is interlaced with stories of his own experience, which makes the book an engaging and informative read. As a reader, I automatically warmed to his honesty and disarming self-deprecation – an antidote to other self-help guides which claim to have all the answers.

What Brooks offers is a chance to get to grips with bible-based principles on how to manage all kinds of situations, from the nitty gritty of coming to terms with divorce to putting other people first and protecting your children. All of this is done via the imagery of a car journey and plotting a path along this rocky road. Keeping an eye on the potential potholes and hazards along the way, he gives a convincing argument for having Jesus totally in view throughout and referring to God’s Word as the ultimate sat-nav towards the destination.

And, as the children’s lives progress and they become more independent, he is unashamed about moving on and accepting God’s grace in finding a new marital partner who has enabled him to raise his kids in a God-fearing and loving home. Not in competition with their mother, but as a safe haven where they can completely trust their Dad’s love.

I’d never come across a book like this before as either a Dad or a Christian. It’s refreshing, down-to-earth and practical, offering helpful advice and the opportunity to reflect and improve on our own fathering. While it is designed for single dads and I’m sure that those in this situation will find it incredibly useful, there is tons of wisdom in there for those of us simply trying to live as God’s people and survive as Dads!

Thanks to the good people at Litfuse for introducing me to this excellent book.


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  1. Wow Im humbled by your review. Thanks. Glad you found it helpful.

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