Mirrors, bubble machines and mattresses.

What have they all got in common?

Babies go crazy for them!

Or at least, our baby does…

I took Sophie to a Stay and Play at our local SureStart Centre on Tuesday – my first experience of a baby group minus my wife as a human shield.

After dodging all the paperwork (my wife had done it before the one occasion she’d been in), I was shown the so-called “Sensory Room” and I immediately knew it would be a hit with our little girl.

Sensory Room – it’s an all out onslaught on your brain!

Sensory overload

Sensory overload!

Classical music plays in the background while flashing lights zip from floor to ceiling. Full length mirrors capture your every move and soft cushioned mats allow your child to explore without fear of hurt.

The best thing in there though, although Sophie wasn’t too fussed, was a fibre-optic snake which rapidly changed colours and had the benefit of being ultra-ticklish when pressed against a baby’s tummy. (Don’t worry, the lights weren’t hot!).

They’d put some blocks in, probably for those children who aren’t that fussed by the psychedelic lightshow. However, Sophie didn’t care too much for my tower. She was far too consumed kicking the mirror and giggling at herself. She’s destined to be a filmstar or a model, so keen is she to watch herself.

In saying that, she’s yet to display the vanity/self image conscience that naturally comes with looking in the mirror too much…is that a teenage thing or much earlier?!

I helped her walk along the mats, safe in the knowledge that any misstep would bring a nicely cushioned landing. Her legs are getting pretty strong – dangerous times ahead I feel!

Eventually, I pulled her away from the room to have some milk and potentially interaction with some other children. Yet, after the Sensory Room, everything else just didn’t seem quite as fun.

Might ask my wife if she’s up for converting our cupboard under the stairs!