Yesterday I had a warm shower…in my own home…for the first time in two weeks.

(Don’t worry – I’d showered elsewhere in the meantime!)


But it does indicate something of the carnage our house has been in since we started living here six weeks ago.

Don’t hear me incorrectly. Our new house is wonderful and we absolutely love it. We seem to have been here forever and are extremely well settled. We feel enormously blessed to be living in it and give great thanks to God for it.

However, after six weeks of tradesmen, mess and skips outside our house, it’s not been straightforward and there’s still more to come.

First of all, the electrician saga.

Unable to find any, we’ve been round the houses. I even got a recommendation from a random chap we met in our local park before we settled on one. He’s done some of the things we asked him to, but is convinced he’s unearthed (gettit?) an underlying problem which will require a full rewire.


Plasterers have been in and skimmed ours and Sophie’s bedrooms following an energetic weekend of stripping wallpaper and clearing up the two rooms.

This was all well and good but they’ve battered the carpet in our room (is this normal for plasterers to do?) and I made the mistake of leaving the curtains up without a contingency plan.

When I got in from work at 9pm that night, we had no curtains in our bedroom and no chance of getting any while the plaster dried. Oops.



Cue carting our mattress downstairs and sleeping within the cosy confines of our lounge each night for a week while we waited to sort our curtains. Not since the days of our ground floor flat has a downstairs room housed me while I slept.

Finally, the bathroom – and this has been a far more positive affair.

Our good friend Liam, of LM Plumbing Services no less, has been in charge of turning it from a white mess with a dodgy shower, broken window and no ventilation, into a modern, cleancut and fresh bathroom. No mean feat but, as he nears completion (and with a shower working!), it is one that him and his colleague have carried out tremendously.


They gutted and loaded the old room into a skip and then got straight to work.



Sophie loved how the room took shape – here she is checking it out, complete with her heavy duty wellies on.


It’s been rearranged completely, tiled with the grey and green brick effect and then the appliances have been put in. Last weekend was a tease when the room was set up but things weren’t plumbed in yet.  Well done to our guests Cathy and Dave who persevered with coming to visit us despite the lack of bathroom facilities.


In saying that, we’re so lucky to have a downstairs toilet – how do people cope in the middle of the night when they need the loo?!

Now, finally, it’s taken shape and it is usable. Plenty is still needed to be done, including this terrifying prospect of a rewire, but the house feels like its ours and we’re enjoying living here.

Looking forward to welcoming more people into our new home over the coming months and years.